Fiqh of Disaster, a Reference for Disaster Management at Department of Nursing of UMY

Indonesia is a disaster-prone area due to its zone of three main active tectonic plates, namely the Eurasian Plate, Pacific Plate, and Indo-Australian Plate, and is located in the Pacific Ring of Fire. Thus, volunteers in disaster areas should discern the situations. Noticing the fact, 110 students of Department of Nursing of Universitas Muhamadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) conducted a disaster response simulation on Saturday (29/12) at UMY.

A person in charge of the simulation Al Afik, S.Kep. Ns., M.Kep. stated that the simulation was a part of a course subject of ‘Disaster Management’.

“When taking the subject course, students learns a number of disaster theories such as Disaster Panorama and Disaster Management, and the simulation is the culmination,” todld Afik.

He added that they students also obtained a material of Fiqh of Disaster initiated by Muhammadiyah. It encompasses theological and sociological guides to see and respond to disasters based on Qur’an and hadith. “We offer a special material on the subject of Disaster Management, namely Fiqh of Disaster. The material enables students to settle down victims when they become volunteers in disaster-affected areas,” expressed Afik.

At the simulation, students were divided into two teams. The first team comprised of a rescue team, evacuation team, medical team, and team to handle people with mental disorders and pregnant people. The second group acted as victims with minor injuries, serious injuries, and death; injured pregnant women; injured children, injured victims with mental disorders.

Afik expected that the simulation supervised by Muhammadiyah Disasater Management (MMDC) of Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta (DIY) would be valuable for the students so that Muhammadiyah volunteers can bring positive impacts on disaster-affected areas. “I wish that students are ready to be volunteers in disaster areas after the simulation,” hoped Afik.

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