Established for a Year, Dance Club of UMY Performs in Japan


Four students of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) associated in Dance Club (Student Activity Unit/UKM) of UMY, namely Muhammad Toha (HI 2012), Kirana Dewi (HI 2012), Narwastu Nareswari (Management 2012), and Latif Ismail (HI 2012) were selected to represent Indonesia in Indonesia Friendship Night 2015 in Tsukuba, Japan. Those four students will perform two dances, a classical dance (Gatot Kaca dance) from Yogyakarta) and creation dance (Suara Suling dance) with Javanese style.

The four students will be accompanied by a team manager, Jofi Pamungkas (HI 2012). They admitted that they were proud since they can perform in the Indonesia Friendship Night 2015. These five students, in fact, were the pioneers of Dance Club of UMY which was established a year ago. “We are very glad to gain this achievement because this club just has established for a year but we have already had an occasion to perform overseas. This is the first time we perform aboard since we have only performed at universities in Jogja to acquaint this dance cub. One of the most impressive performances is that we performed in Jogja’s Palace, and now we will dance in Japan,” expressed Muhammad Toha, who is also the chief of Dance Club of UMY, in an interview on Monday (16/11).

Toha informed that the team was invited by PPI of Japan. “We can perform in Japan because a lecturer of Language Training Center (PPB) of UMY who is a grantee of Japan informed us, and PPI of Japan immediately invited us. We did not have much time to prepare. It was only two months, but we will show our best,” he inserted.

Besides, the manager team Jofi Pamingkas told that it was a biennial event conducted by PPI. The event was cultural exchange between Japan and Indonesia. The event was conducted two days in Green Hall Tsukuba that 6 dance teams, encompassing three Japanese teams and three Indonesian teams represented by UMY and ITB (Bandung Institute of Technology) will perform. “The closing of the two-day event is a huge contest in center town of Tsukuba. The event is also a charity event that the fund will be donated to schools in Indonesia, namely SDN Jenepoto, South Sulawesi,” he informed.

Jofi inserted that that, even though the event will be held for two days, the team will stay in Japan for a week, from Wednesday (18/11) to Saturday (28/11). “We will also visit a dance studio of Jogja in Japan, namely Sanggar Hana Joss. The studio is well known in Japan so that we will share information and intertwine good relationship,” he said.

Latif Ismail added that they will also introduce Indonesian dances and explore Japanese culture as well as Indonesian culture developed in Japan since a lot of Indonesian Art Centers have existed in other countries. “We also bring a mission of UMY as an “Unggul dan Islami” university. We would like to acquaint that not all dances are exotic. We are eager to bring something new in dance field. Many people assumed that classical dances are ancient and we would like to shift the perception through performing classical dances which has been modified. We want that the dances remain appropriate to Islamic teaching. Thus, the dance costume will be in line with the Islamic teaching. This aspect makes us different from others, and we will maintain this Islamic aspect,” he emphasized.

Additionally, Rector of UMY Dr. Bambang Cipto, M.A. encouraged the students entirely. He conveyed that introducing UMY by dance is rarely carried out. Hence, Prof. Bambang expected that the students can show their best. “This can be an additional value to acquaint UMY through dance. Perform your best because this is a rare chance of UMY,” he stated.

He also advised that the five students remain bringing missions of UMY, ‘Unggul dan Islami’ dan ‘Muda Mendunia’. Prof. Bambang argues that none of overseas universities has specific missions like UMY as an Islamic university. “Therefore, UMY should be showed as an ‘Unggul dan Islami’ university. This can be your opportunity to broaden your experience and link that may bring more benefits for you like gaining scholarship. Use this occasion well,” he suggested.

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