Entrepreneurship Festival Is Expected to Strengthen Students’ Innovation

Student Entrepreneurship Business Incubator (SEBI) of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) is established to encourage the students to be innovative in entrepreneurship. To achieve the aim, the SEBI of UMY conducted an annual festival, namely Entrepreneurship Festival.

The festival comprised of a number of events such as competition and poster exhibition, entrepreneurship expo and bazaar, entrepreneurship talk show, seminar on business plan, and business plan competition which were conducted on Thursday (6/4) at Sportorium of UMY. The speakers of the talk show were Cholidi Asadil Alam, who is an actor and the owner of Serabi duren,Yasa Paramitha Singgih who is the owner of Men’s Republic, Firmansyah who is the owner of Cokro Tela Cake, Bryansyah Kancaburi who is the owner of Kampus Kompany, and Singgih Ainun Muttaqin who is the owner of Hammock Akiramata.

Chairperson of SEBI, Sri Handari Wahyuningsih, S.E.,M.Si. stated that the students’ entrepreneurship increases each year. “The main point in business is competitive behaviors so that the program should be carried out each year,” said Sri Handari.

To foster students’ enthusiasm for entrepreneurship needs the roles of all of UMY’s academicians. “It also entails all academic and non-academic synergy.  Moreover, the faculties are expected to stimulate and support the students to always innovate since it can make the students braver to take risks and the opportunities to be successful entrepreneurs,” emphasized Sri.

Sri Handari also said that the highest passion to be an entrepreneur comes from Faculty of Economics. “We hope this program can be conducted in every campus, and the entrepreneurship can be developed in everywhere. Currently, there are many participants from Faculty of Economics because the motivation to be an entrepreneur at the faculty may be greater than other faculties. However, we also expect that the enthusiasm comes from other faculties,” she wished.

Meanwhile, the entrepreneurship expo and bazaar in this year was followed by 48 stands that each stand has 5-6 members. The stands were also categorized in several categories such as technopreneur stand and creative stand. “The technopreneur stand consists of non-culinary products. Then, creative stand can be placed for culinary products and non-culinary products such as the utilization of used products which can be sold. In the end of the festival, the winner of poster exhibition poster, expo, and bazaar will be announced. All the winners will obtain incredible prize,” mentioned Sri.


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