English Teachers Are a ‘Dictionary’ for the Learners

Everyone can possibly learn foreign languages, particularly English, wherever and whenever they are. Nevertheless, a role of a teacher as a guide is essential. Noticing the fact, American Corner of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) organized a seminar on ‘Overview of American English Pronunciation’ for teachers and prospective teachers of Yogyakarta on Saturday (11/11).

Conducted in Building D of UMY, a speaker from University of California Susan Steinbach, M.A., TESOL who is a ESL teacher trainer explained differences of English pronunciation and intonation. She also taught linking words, syllables, rhythm, and other basic English speaking.

Susan stated that everyone may use their own style in speaking English. “Many learners confront difficulties in speaking English due to accents and pronunciation. The learners have their own accent so that it doesn’t matter to speak English without omitting their Indonesian accent,” declared Susan.

Meanwhile, Director of American Corner of UMY Puthut Ardianto, M.Pd. told, “In November, we celebrate two events, namely International Education Week in the USA and Teacher’s Day in Indonesia. Since the date is only different for few days so that we hold these two events concurrently.”

“This seminar is for English teachers and English prospective teachers. Last year we also conducted a similar events and invited teachers in Yogyakarta. For the schedule, today we have this seminar and we are going to organize an information session with YSEALI alumni,” added Puthut.

“In this event we are focusing on teacher or prospective teacher, that is English teacher and also English teacher candidate. Actually, in the last year we also held the same event. We invite teachers in DIY. For the series of the event itself, which is today and tomorrow Monday. On Monday, we held information session, together with YSEALI alumni, “Putut added.

Besides, two participants expressed their opinion on the seminar. “We thank to be invited in this interesting seminar. I learned those topics when I was students, but it is necessary to review what we have studied. I wish that this seminar could always be organized,” said Marita Nur H., M.Pd.

“In this seminar, we learned how to emphasis on pronouncing words since each emphasis has a different meaning. I expect that the seminar duration could be longer because I believe that this seminar is essential,” thought Anita.

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