Prepared to Welcome the Participant of the 25th PIMNAS, UMY Held a Hearing with PT. Angkasa Pura I, Adisutjipto Airport, Yogyakarta

To ensure the success of the 25th National Student Science Week (PIMNAS), Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) held a hearing with PT Angkasa Pura Yogyakarta.  This hearing concerns with the arrival of PIMNAS participants who will use air transportations and will arrive at Adisutjipto Airport, Yogyakarta.

Drs Husni Amriyanto, M.Si, the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the 25th PIMNAS stated this in the hearing in PT Angkasa Pura Yogyakarta Affiliate office along with other boards on Tuesday (6/19) afternoon. The committee boards partaking in this hearing were Yordan Gunawan, Secretary I, Tony K. Hariadi, M.T, Secretary II, and Dr. ir. Indira Prabasari, M.P, the Head of Secretarial Department.

Amriyanto stated that UMY, as the host, had the responsibility to give the best service to the 25th PIMNAS participants, in this case, the ones using the air transportations.  He said, “Thus, the committee plans to build an information stand in the airport area for PIMNAS to facilitate the participants when they arrive at the airport.

Amriyanto added that as the participants arrived at Adisutjipto Airport, they would be fetched by the LOs (Liaison Officers), and taken to hotel by bus. Amriyanto stated, “This is done for the participants’ comfort and safety. Hence, the support from the Adisutjipto Airport administrator will be so helpful.”

Agus Adriyanto, the General Manager of PT Angkasa Pura I of Adisutjipto Airport responded by expressing his support to the plan arranged by the committee for the success of this 25th PIMNAS. He asserted, “We will give our full support to the plan arranged by UMY for the success of this 25th PIMNAS while still applying the regulations.”

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