Electrical Engineering of UMY Achieves ‘B’ Accreditation

Attaining achievement of a department requires endeavor and teamwork of all the academicians. Moreover, if it is dealing with accreditation, it will be the challenge of the academicians.

Electrical Engineering (TE) of UMY successfully maintained ‘B’ accreditation. It was not easy to do and it possibly became ‘A’.

Head of Electrical Engineering of UMY Ir. Agus Jamal, M.Eng. stated that TE UMY attempted to enhance its achievement so that the accreditation could alter. “We will always try to foster the quality of the department so that the accreditation can be ‘A’. The first thing we do is improving the quality and quantity of lecturers. TE UMY has a doctor and two prospective doctors. We will always attempt to encourage the lecturers to pursue their stud,” he conveyed

Agus believed that the number of lecturers and doctors requires in TE can be filled. TE UMY still provided an occasion for prospective lecturers to teach at TE UMY. “Public interest in sending their children to study at Electrical engineering has been lifting and it is greater than last year. Thus, we are optimistic that we could elevate the quality of human resources, particularly the lecturers,” he asserted.

Furthermore, the accreditation was also due to students’ involvement. Agus inserted that students of TE UMY contributed to the accreditation by gaining academic and nonacademic achievements. For instance, the students became the winner of scientific writing at University of Hasanuddin, Makassar. “Besides, almost all students of TE UMY actively engaged in Indonesia Robot Contest (KRI) 2015 as committee; Liaison Officer (LO) for participants, mechanics, and field; as well as three students were the participants of KRI and passed to final round,” he informed.

Agus also prepared for enhancing the quality of laboratory, research, and scientific writing of students. Therefore, TE UMY can gain higher achievement.

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