Broadcasting Is Getting More Popular


Most people assume that being a broadcaster is a quite hard job and has its own challenges. It needs excellent communication skills and broad knowledge to work in the audio visual field. On contrast, the enthusiasts of broadcasting are getting increase year by year. For instance, most of participants of Broadcaster Award were high school students from outside Yogyakarta. The number of participants also elevated up to 66 participants that the previous one was 35 participants. It displayed that broadcasting was getting popular among youths. The event was organized by BDO (Semi-Autonomous Board) of Communication Sciences of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY), namely IKOM Radio

The Broadcaster Award 2015 aimed at confronting a challenge on how to work in broadcasting area. It was the 7th annual event joined by senior high school and vocational school students across Indonesia. The theme of the event was CREATIVISION standing for ‘Creative Action for Better Nation”.

In line with the theme, Inas Sany Muyassaroh expected that participants would always be motivated to think creatively, and would develop nation through their work. “Specifically, this year them attempts to trigger participants to think critically and creatively in broadcasting,” he stated.

The event was conducted on 8-10 May and had various competition categories as competition of Presenter, Reporter, Radio Announcer, Jingle, and New Reader. All the competitions were immediately dealing with broadcasting.

On Sunday (10/5) there was an awarding night for the winners in Rooftop of Building A.R. Facruddin B, Floor 2.It was attended by all nominated participants and students of Communication Sciences.

Head of Communication Sciences of UMY Hariyadi Arief Nuur Rasyid, S.IP., M.Sc. on his remark uttered that the department appreciated the Broadcasting Award. In the 7th Broadcasting Award, the number of participants lifted year by year. It implied that many high school students were interested in broadcasting. “I, representing the department, appreciate this event very much. Through this event we could acquaint broadcasting to public, particularly participants. I wish that Broadcasting Award would be better,” he delivered.

Furthermore, Annisa Fajriani, a student of SMA Taruna Nusantara Magelang, achieved two awards, namely The Best Presenter and Favorite News Reader. “I am grateful that I could joined this Broadcasting Award. It is cool, and I gain a lot of new knowledge of broadcasting. Even though this is my first time joining this event, I am getting more curious to know broadcasting further,” he inserted.

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