Doctors Should Be Cautious to Provide Medicine to Three-Year-Old Toddlers

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Giving medicine to three-year-old toddlers should consider their age and body weight. They may not consume a high dosage of medicine since their immune system is not quite tough and is not perfectly shaped yet. Thus, doctors should be cautious to provide medicine to three-year-old toddlers, particularly obese toddlers.

In an international seminar ‘Dental Research Exhibition and Meeting (Dream) attended by Indonesia Dentist Association on Saturday (7/5) at Alana Hotel of Jogja, Prof. Dr. Iwan Dwi Prahasto, M.Med., Sc., Ph.D. stated that toddlers below five years old may gain a high dosage of medicine if they have standard weight of the five-year-old toddlers.

He informed that giving a high dosage of medicine to two-year-old toddlers is a global issue. “It occurs in not only Indonesia but also all over the world. Hence, doctors should deliberate several factors,” Prof. Iwan advised.

First, if the toddlers are bad off and they should get a high dosage, they may obtain a dosage of 50mg. “However, the doctors may provide a dosage of 40mg, if they are afraid of assigning dosage of 50mg,” he explained.

Second, the doctors should recognize whether the toddlers consume supplements. “Doctors have to require the parents to stop drinking the supplements during the medicine drunk. But, if the given medicine is only analgesic with a normal dosage, the toddlers may drink the supplements,” he mentioned.

Besides, the other speaker was a professor of Tokushima University, Prof. Fumiaki Kawano. He presented a curriculum for prospective doctors, namely ‘Outcome Based Education’ (OBE).

He expounded that the OBE is a way to design, develop, and document instructions in line with goals. “OBE focuses on the result. It can be analogized that the only way to go to a place is finding out where to go,” he said.

The curriculum has several merits. For instance, the OBE concerns with the achieved skills. “The OBE will guide the doctor candidates to pursue the next programs of dentistry,” he told.

Additionally, the internati


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