Diversity Issues within Social Constructionism and Politics


Diversity issues emerging in each country are distinct. For instance, Indonesia and Germany possess distinctive diversity issues. In the end of 20th century, community awareness of diversity in Germany has been escalated, particularly in politics and social constructionism, and so has Indonesia.

In a book launching of ‘Diversity Concepts – Diversity Politics’ as one of the event series of Alumni Seminar of DAAD (Deutsher Akademischer Austaush Dienst) in Wednesday (23/3) at seminar hall of Graduate School of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY), Prof. Dr. Christoph Behrens, a lecturer of International Program of Governmental Studies of UMY and CAU Germany, told that the book he wrote mainly discusses diversity within different societal settings in two distinctive places. “It depicts the differences and diversity within politics and social constructionism in Indonesia and Germany,” he stated.

The diversity impacts on social constructionism, social thoughts, and politics. In Indonesia and Germany, the issues of the perception change due to the changing world.

“Diversity in Indonesia remains focusing on traditional thoughts like religion, ethnics, tribes, races, while diversity in Germany has concerned with gender, life styles, and social life,” Prof. Behrens affirmed.

Furthermore, Chief of the Alumni Seminar of DAAD, Dr. Dyah Mutiarin, M.Si. informed that the other events besides the book launching have been conducted since 20 March 2016 and would end on 23 March 2016. “The events are seminar, workshop, and book launching,” she mentioned.

The Alumni Seminar of DAAD focused on the issues of gender, especially Women’s Leadership. She argues that women have equal capabilities to men. On the other hand, the issues are still problematized. “In Indonesia, only a few women become leaders due to cultural and structural factors as well as negative perception on female leaders,” she contended.

The seminar aimed at finding out proper resolutions to assist women to receive rights as men in learning, leadership training for women, workshops, and others. “The seminar participants are adequately interested in discussing gender issues in Indonesia and Germany,” she ended.


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