Din Syamsyudin: Principles, Law and Islamic Civilization

Legal issues are an important matter for social life. In addition, law is closely related to religion and civilization. The explanation was given by Prof. Dr. K.H. Muhammad Sirajudin Syamsudin, MA., Chairperson of the Muhammadiyah Central Board for the 2005-2010 and 2010-2015 Periods in the International Conference on Law and Society 2020 (ICLAS) on Wednesday (14/10) which was conducted online. ICLAS is a series of events in the 4th ICOSI 2020.

Prof. Dr. K.H. Muhammad Sirajudin Syamsudin, MA or commonly known as Din Syamsudin conveyed his opinion in the event with the theme ‘law, religion, and civilization: various approaches among civilizations’. He explained religion, law and civilization from a philosophical point of view based on Islamic religious principles and Islamic law. “The explanation of religion, law and civilization, especially in Islam, is based on the principles that were boldly mentioned before the metaphysics of Islamic scientists and the related Islamic legal system, and from that principle, I think that the Islamic legal system has developed. The common sense in the Islamic legal system is sharia, which consists of maqosid sharia, namely protection of faith, protection of life, protection of mind, protection of lines, and protection of property,” he explained.

“Based on the objectives of the Islamic legal system, namely maqosidul-syariah, the Islamic legal system aims to uphold the foundations of Islamic social thought with the aim of realizing a society that develops as just, prosperous and peaceful, based on moral and ethical values. In the Qur’an, it is called baldatun thoyibatun wa rabbun ghafur, “said Din again.

Din Syamsuddin also explained that the legal system is something that is vital, centralized and influences the development of the nation anywhere, including in Indonesia with a civil law, criminal law, and Islamic law systems. “The legal system in Indonesia cannot ignore the importance of Islamic law or laws that rely on religion. In this case, there are two approaches to developing a legal system in a country such as Indonesia which are Islamic law and customary law, which also relies on religious values and had been implemented since ancient times. The presence of positive laws based on religious values has created many other laws in Indonesia. For example, the concern of Muslims to regulate zakat law, marriage law, and also some expectations from family law, including commercial laws such as banking law and Islamic finance,” he concluded. (Sofia)

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