Developing University, Zanzibar University Visits UMY


Rektor UMY Prof. Dr. Bambang Cipto, MA, bersama Prof. Mustafa Roshash saat bertukar cindera mata di Ruang Sidang Rektorat UMY
Rector of UMY, Prof. Dr. Bambang Cipto, MA, and Prof. Mustafa Roshash exchange souvenirs in a meeting room of Rectorate of UMY

Starting from Mahatir Global Peace School (MGPS) III 2014, one of the MGPS’s participants from Zanzibar University Tanzania recommended his head in Zanibar University to visit UMY and learn for the development of Zanzibar Univesity through observing academic activities of undergraduate and magister programs of UMY.

It was conveyed by Vice Chancellor I of Zanzibar University, Prof. Mustafa Rishash, when stating his purpose of visiting UMY. He came to UMY because of his student’s recommendation that joined MGPS III. His university officials and he decided to visit UMY, and he was welcomed by Rector of UMY, Prof. Bambang Cipto in a meeting room of A.R. Fachruddin A Floor 1 at UMY on Tuesday (3/1).

“We know UMY from our student who joined MGPS in Malaysia last year, and we look for information of UMY through its website. Then, we together with the head decided to visit UMY,” told Prof. Mustafa Roshash.

Moreover, the head of International Relations Office (IRO), Ir. Tony K. Hariad, M.Eng., explained undergraduate and magister programs and international programs of UMY. He also elucidated international cooperation among universities of various states in both Europe and Asia.

Beside undergraduate, master, and doctorate programs, we also have international programs for undergraduate as Law, International Relations, Governmental Study, Economics and Finance. We have cooperation with Malaysia, Australia, South Korea, China, the United States of America, Thailand, Singapore, Germany, and many more in both Europe and Asia,” uttered Toni.

Contrast to Tony, Rector of UMY, Prof. Dr. Bambang Cipto, M.A. conveyed that his party thanked for his visit, and it was expected that the representatives of Zanzibar University could notice and observe the university environment so that the party of Zanzibar University could gain complete information. He also wished that there would be another meeting with Zanzibar University.

“We thank for visiting UMY. We hope all of you could see our university environment so that your visit to UMY would be thoroughgoing. I hope that we could meeting for the other occasion,” welcomed Bambang.

After meeting with Rector of UMY, the party of Zanzibar University, namely Prof. Mustafa Rodhash, Dr. Mwinyi Haji, and Mr. Saleh Mwinyi, was accompanied to come to international program classes of UMY.

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