Department of Agroteknology of UMY Plants 1000 Mangroves


Students, lecturers, and alumni of Department of Agrotechnology of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) planted mangroves in the seashore of Baros beach, Yogyakarta, in Sunday (6/11). The mangrove planning was organized with the cooperation with Agriculture Training Center (ATC), Agrotechnology Student Association (Himagro), and alumni of Agrotechnology Department of UMY.

The mangrove planting aimed at reinforcing good relationship among them and dedicating themselves to community. The activity was officially opened by Department Head of Agrotechnology, Dr. Innaka Ageng Rineksane, S.P., M.P. After that, there was a lecture on environment by Secretary General of Environment Agency, Dr. Ir. Gatot Supangkat, M.P. that was also attended by Department of Environment (DLH), Edi Susanto.

Besides, the People living near Baros clean the seashore and categorized waste into plastic waste, timber waste, and slipper waste. The waste, then, were given to Baros youths be recycled.

One of Baros youths, Dwi, trash in the seashore is from the sea, and it drives the view dreadful. Indeed, the area will become Mangrove Education Area. “Therefore, we have to take and recycle the waste. My friends and I frequently utilize the timber waste to create handcrafts,” he stated.

He told that the handcrafts are sold online in domestic areas and overseas. “However, the plastic and slipper waste has not been recycles yet due to limited human resources. We wish that we can cooperate with many parties and agencies to cope with the issue of waste in the seashore,” he expressed.


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