Dentists Need Skills to Create Personal Branding in Addition to Handling Patients

To increase health service standards and face the constantly developing the science and technology of dentistry, the Dental Education Department of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY)’s Medicine and Health Sciences Faculty (FKIK) hosted a Continuing Dental Education (CDE) event on Friday and Saturday, 9-10 August 2019 in Hotel Grand Dafam Rohan Yogyakarta. This event is the sixth iteration of its kind, and is titled “The New Generation of Dentist (Success Strategies for the Aesthetic Dental Practice Empowered by Personal Branding and Advanced Technologies)”. The CDE event is a national-level event attended by dentists from all over Indonesia, as well as alumni and Co-assistants from UMY’s Dentistry Department,

When interviewed on Saturday (10/8) during the CDE event, drg. Dyah Triswari, M.Sc as the Head of UMY’s Dentistry Department stated that this bi-annual event consists of a theory seminar and a table clinic session. “This event is a place where dentistry students can prepare for their future work, including how to work as a team. In addition, they are also educated on how to operate a practice and cultivate a personal branding as a dentist,” she stated.

Meanwhile, Agil Agni Tri Armilla as the head of the CDE committee stated that this event supports future generations of dentists that are able to open a clinic in addition to handling patients. “CDE not only explains dental practice but also how to open a clinic where dentists can hopefully create personal branding, in addition to handling and curing patients. One of those ways is to open your own clinic,” Agni explained.

In addition to the science seminar CDE provided, a workshop session with the participants who are lecturers was also hosted. The session was aimed for UMY Dentistry students in hopes of helping them actualize themselves in scientific research. (s0fia)

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