Dentistry Students of UMY Design Practical Modern Portable Electric Dental Unit

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The rapid technology development does not always support to confront every issue, yet it could also emerge issues. The circumstance inspired students of Dentistry Department of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) to coin a novel unit for fostering low-cost technology in dentistry field. Portable Electric Dental Unit (PEDU) is a new practical modern unit to ease dentists’ work. The unit was made by Resi Manua Yasa, Lutfi Putra Perdana, Ndaru Ajeng Pangesti, Memed Nurrohmad, and Ari Rahayu Widianingrum.

In an interview in Public Relation Bureau of UMY on Monday (1/6), Resi Manua Yasa stated that PEDU was created due to the science and technology development on dentistry field. “It is to optimize dental and mouth treatment. Nevertheless, the facility would be adequately difficult to implement in rural areas since it need special treatment and high electrical power. Thus, dentists in rural areas are reluctant to employ the unit,” told Resi as the chief.

Resi continued that the dental unit is a set of seat and other supporting units. They coined the unit to assist dentists in rural areas. “In fact, the unit itself has been quite complex. It needs special treatment, high electrical power, and expensive cost. These aspects make dentists in rural areas hesitant to use the unit,” he inserted.

Even though PEDU is created simply, it has strengths which modern or conventional other dental units might not have. “PEDU is very practical since it could be folding and rechargeable. The lamp also have infrared sensor, it is low-cost and there is a feature of tlendenburg with emergent buttons for emergent condition that patients get syncope or shocked. The other strength is that the PEDU has buttons to up and down the position of the seat as the dentist treats the patient,” Resi informed.

Moreover, Ndaru Akeng Pangesti asserted that PEDU was designed as cozy as possible in order that patients felt comfortable. “To provide patients safety, PEDU was constructed by strong metal frame. It also has wheels, electronic devices, and snug seat so that the patient would feel relaxed when doing dental and mouth treatment,” he conveyed.

Besides having physical strengths, PEDU also possesses social merits. “PEDU could be employed for social activities since the unit could easily be brought wherever and whenever. Thus, health services could be carried out well. For providing patients safety, the Portable Dental Unit was adjusted based on the standard,” Ajeng elucidated.

Furthermore, they expected that the unit would alleviate dental treatment and could be a tangible solution for dental treatment in rural areas which confront electrical troubles. “Due to a lot of problems, I hope that PEDU could help dentists,” ended Ajeng.

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