Creativity is Needed to Build Sustainable Business Strategies

Creativity and innovation are needed to run a sustainable business. In this case, there needs to be a strategy in order to be able to run a business as efficiently as possible and develop the business, one of them through product innovation. This was the subject of the National Conference on Applied Business (NCAB) held on the seventh time on Saturday (3/14) at the Kasman Singodimedjo Postgraduate Building UMY. The event which had the theme “Creative Strategic to Business Sustainability” was a collaboration event by several universities including UMY, UII, UNS, Unissula, UKDW and UNISBANK.

Dr. Dra. Arni Surwanti, M.Sc, Chairperson of the seventh NCAB committee said that this event was a collaboration of the master’s management programs of several universities in Central Java and DIY. “This event is an event that has been held seven times, and it opens opportunities for S2 and S3 students to develop their social networks, as well as exposure to research through case studies or paper presentations. The paper category is divided into 4 areas, namely human resource management, marketing management, financial management, and cooperative management. In this seminar, in accordance with the development of the industrial revolution era 4.0, collaboration and synergy between business people and academics are needed to be able to create creative strategies in sustainable business,” she explained.

Prof. Dr. Siswoyo Haryono, MM., Head of the UMY Management Doctoral Study Program, said that starting a business starts from five business steps, which include entrepreneurship perspective, from idea to opportunity, business plan, funding, launching to growing product. “The mindset in making a business must be there with the desire and awareness to build a business, that mindset will build ideas of what we will make for our business. Therefore the initial foundation for building a business is the mindset. Furthermore, what is called creativity is the process by which we are able to create something or make new things or even different things that are unique. And business needs creativity,” he explained.

Siswoyo also explained that sustainable entrepreneurship means that it can benefit the community and is in accordance with applicable business ethics. “The thing that is meant by sustainable entrepreneurship is that it can be beneficial to the community, and also in accordance with business ethics so that it does not damage nature,” he said.

Next, Arief Sosiawan, S.TP., MM., Factory Manager of PT. Sarihusada Generasi Mahardhika also explained what is meant by sustainable business through the triangle business quality. “What is meant by sustainable business in our opinion is based on the triangle business quality, which consists of quality, safety and productivity. And the most important thing is to create a good quality product and work process so that it is followed by job security and productivity. Sustainable or sustainability can also be interpreted as how we are able to adapt and want to change. Sarihusada is consistent in providing good nutrition and creative strategies in accordance with the times, “he added.

Then A.Kurniadi Saputro, Manager of Analytical Data and Business Intelligence of PT.Pos Indonesia said that creating a sustainable business requires partnerships with the community. “PT. Pos Indonesia is a state-owned company. We create a sustainable business by building partnerships with the community. In our activities, marketing activities are always needed, therefore we always consider profits for the company but the rates offered are still relatively cheap. It requires creativity in building business strategies,” he concluded. (Sofia)

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