Comprehending Research Studies to Publish the Research on a Journal


Research has been an obligation in each educational level as undergraduate, magister, and doctorate. Publishing research on a journal is additional value for student graduation and academicians’ capability to contribute to evolve sciences. Nevertheless, it is a few researches which are successfully published on journal. Thus, it is suggested that researchers empower research studies well and comprehend characters of research findings that might have occasion to be included on journal.

It was stated by an international journal editor of University of Glasgow, United Kingdom, Dr. Muhammad Hudaib. He was a keynote speaker in an international seminar discussing “Exploring Research Area in Islamic Accounting, Business, and Economic”. The seminar was organized by Accounting Department, Faculty of Economics, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (FE-UMY) in a meeting hall of A.R. Fachruddin A UMY on Thursday (10/2).

Hudaib inserted that face validity of an article is an essential aspect in order to be published on journal. The appearance is noticed by an interesting title, preface of finding, and research method.

“When you write an article, the face is also significant, and this turns the focus of journal editors. It could be an attractive title, preface of finding which could enchant readers to concern with the topic, obvious and objective research method. Then, editors would review originality of your writing. If you are eager to publish on international journal, it had better opt a topic regarding the hottest issues or international issues since the readers of international journal would be wider,” he explained.

Moreover, Hudaib conveyed that, if it is published on national or international journal, the best way to choose journal is considering a journal actively discussing a study as your field or focus. For instance, a writing concerning with Islamic economy should be sent to a journal often publishing articles of economy and Islam.

Hudaib advised that research need be a life style and the most often activity which students and other academicians conduct. He argued that research is a vital factor to foster life quality and it is expected to be able to contribute in sciences.

“Being published or not, I tell you that research is supposed to be a life style or the most frequently activity you carry out. As students or academicians, it should bring about research as the most activity you do. I think that research is a crucial factor to enhance the life quality of yours and other. In addition, if it is published, it would be your contribution to sciences,” he added.

Besides Hudaib, the other speaker of the international seminar was a lecture of Accounting Department of UMY, Dr. Rizal Yaya, Al., CA. discussing Islamic accounting development in Indonesia, and the moderator was Dr. Muhammad Akhyar Adnan, AK., CA (a lecture of Accounting FE UMY). Seminar participants were students, lecturers of Faculty of Economics UMY, and lecturers and students of Universitas Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) Yogyakarta.

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