Communication Sciences of UMY Encourage Students to Compete Their Assignments


Communication Sciences of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) encouraged the students to compete through their assignment to enhance their ability. The statement was conveyed by Erwan Sudiwijaya, S.Sos., MBA, an advertising lecturer in an interview on Tuesday (17/11).

Erwan stated that students might send their assignment during their study in various national competitions. It aimed at fostering students’ skills and understanding of courses that they took. “The objective is to train students to be able to compete by their assignment since students will not be prepared in a workplace if they are not trained to be competitive.

Erwan informed that the standards of advertising industries and workplaces are escalating so that creative notions and innovation are necessary to compete in advertising field. “Students ought to think competitively and be more creative to accomplish their assignments because industries and workplaces require new creative ideas,” he added.

The success of students in competing through the assignments was shown by Ikhfan Afrido, a communication science student of UMY batch 2013 focusing on advertising. He achieved the second runner up of Communication Award (CA) for Print AD. Ikhfan said that competing his assignments was challenging. “I registered my assignment regarding advertising scriptwriting for Print Ad category of CA, and Alhamdulillah I became the second runner up,” he expressed.

Ikhfan’s print ad raised a theme ‘Stop Circus”. Ikhfan told that the background of the advertising scriptwriting was his concern of dolphins utilized for circus. If the dolphins are used for circus, they may be alive for 6 years, but if they are not they will live for 50 years. “Based on data that I got, if they were not in circus, they will not live for long time. Public may be aware that population of the dolphins is now alleviating and they have to be protected. The issue lead me to bringing a theme ‘Stop Circus’ for the competition,” he told.

Additionally, in the category of Print Ad, the winner was from ISI Yogyakarta, the runner up was from University of Kristen Petra Surabaya, and the second runner up was Ikhfan representing UMY.


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