Commemorating the 19th Anniversary, DC of UMY Conducts a Blood Donation


Commemorating the 19th anniversary, Drum Corps (DC) of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) conducted a blood donation for the academicians and public at a classroom of E1.001 of UMY on Wednesday (31/8).  The Drum Corps cooperated with Indonesia Red Cross (PMI) of Yogyakarta city. The blood will be given to the PMI.

There were 11 blood donors until 10 a.m. It was predicted that the number of donors would escalate till 12 p.m. Chief of the blood donation, Afifatul Khasanah informed, “The committee distributed leaflets to all departments, and posted a poster on social media. I wish that the number of donors would increase.”

To be able to give blood, the donors should be 50kg in weight, more than 17 years old, an 110/70 mmHg in diastolic and 160/100 mmHg in systolic. They should not consume medicine for recent five days.

Affifatul mentioned that the Drum Corps also organized coaching clinic, social service, and celebration night. “The Coaching clinic was for pupils of elementary school possessing Marching Band or Drum Band club. The members of Drum Corps visited SD Pepe and SD Muhammadiyah Sukonandi. A social service was also held in Bina Siwi charitable institution, Bantul. Besides, the celebration night will be conducted on 3rd September,” she stated.

In the 19th anniversary, the members of Drum Corps would like to promote the club to public. “All of the members are grateful that Drum Corps has been 19 years old so that we celebrate the anniversary by engaging community,” she told.


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