Commemorating the 106th Anniversary, Muhammadiyah Is Required to Provide Enlightenment for this Nation

Muhammadiyah as the biggest organization in Indonesia has strategic roles to support this nation’s development. Indonesia is facing a lot of issues and Muhammadiyah is required to provide enlightenment for coping with the issues. Thus, the 106th anniversary –based on Islamic calendar, Muhammadiyah raised a theme “Islamic Movement to Enlighten Civilization”. This theme will be announced on celebration night of the 106th anniversary of Muhamamdiyah, Wednesday (18/11) at Universitas Muhammdiyah Yogykarta (UMY).

Chief of the Muhammadiyah’s 106th anniversary Dr. M. Nurul Yamin, M.Si. in an interview on Friday (13/11) informed that the theme was underlain by Indonesia’s circumstances nowadays. A lot of issues should be concerned by not only government but also Muhammadiyah. “The issues are dealing with not only poverty but also morals and law getting far from how they are supposed to be. Therefore, Muhammadiyah has huge roles to assist government and this nation to find out the solutions,” he conveyed.

Yamin explained that “Islamic Movement” refers to a progressive Islamic movement helping Muhammadiyah to make its dreams of bringing enlightenment for Indonesia come true. For one reason, the view of progressive Islam, according to Yamin, is Muhammadiyah’s knowledge which has existed since the organization was established. “This view was systematically formulated on Muhammadiyah’s Statement in the second century/. In fact, in the 47th Congress in Makassar, progressive Islam was widely discussed. This shows that Islamic movement established by K.H. Ahmad Dahlan is appreciated in national and international level,” he stated.

Yamin inserted that the concept of progressive Islam is based on Al-Qur’an and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad teaching progressive values. “Muslim individuals and groups have to be advanced in all fields to prove their worship to God and as a caliph fil ardhl to prosper this earth. It is already mentioned on Adz-Dzariyat verse 56, Al-Baqarah verse 30, and Hud verse 61,” stated Yamin who is also a lecturer of Islamic Faculty and Graduate School of UMY.

He also asserted that other verses of Al-Qur’an also mention the significance of becoming a progressive Muslim is to foster their capability before they contribute to a group. “When Prophet Muhammad and a number of Muslims lived in Makah and Medina for 23 years, they showed good examples on how to spread and create progressive Islam. Nabi Muhammad successfully turned Saudi Arabia dwelt by ignorance into a foremost civilization based on Islamic teaching. Hence, Islam is called Din al-Hadlarah or a civilization religion,” Yamin told.

By upholding, performing, and continuing teaching of Prophet Muhammad, Muhammadiyah always attempts to bring progressive Islam into reality. “Thus, Muhammadiyah is encouraged to enhance its missionary role to enlighten this nation. Muhammadiyah as the greatest organization in Indonesia will assist government to develop this nation,” Yamin ended.

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