Commemorating Earth Day, Amcor UMY Organizes Mangrove Planting with Embassy of the US


Celebrating Earth Day, Wednesday (22/4), American Corner of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) organized Mangrove Planting in Mangrove Forest area, Mouth-River Opak in Baros, Tirtohargo, Kreterk, Bantul. The event was fully supported by US Embassy, YSEALI (Young Southeast Asia Leaders Initiative) in Jakarta.

In a release event on Wednesday (22/4) at Plaza Bintang UMY, a representative of US Embassy David Moo entirely supported the event initiated by Amcor UMY. He contended that earth issues, particularly caused by pollution, are faced by not only Indonesian and American government but also all the world. Therefore, an activity engaging all community elements as mangrove planting should always be carried out.

“As you know, the US is also confronting pollution issues. Preserving this earth, we collaborate with government and young generation to cope with the issues. We are glad to cooperate with UMY and Jogja people to preserve and save this earth,” uttered David. He expected that young generation always echo to save this earth and invite people around them.

A representative of Student and Alumni Development Institute (LPKA) of UMY, Triyana, conveyed the same idea. He argued that mangrove planting could be an ongoing activity of community. It aimed that the earth could be green again. “Through mangrove planting, the seashore, which is typically known as dried area, could be green area. Thus, it would absolutely assist the earth remain green,” he conveyed.

Triyana wished that the event could give students and young generation lesson to recognize how life should be. They are expected to acknowledge life more and better through the event. “We hope that saving the earth is undertaken through not only mangrove planting but also other greater activities which are valuable and give bigger benefits to community,” he expected.

Moreover, Puthut Ardianto, Head of Specific Information Center of Amcor UMY, asserted that his party decided to conduct mangrove planting in Yogyakarta since it has mangrove facilities which need preserving and maintaining. Additionally, the heart of mangrove forest is located in Baros. “Hence, this year we organized mangrove planting in Baros to commemorate Earth Day that community also could perceive the merits,” he said.

Puthut inserted that the event aimed at not only celebrating Earth Day but also raising students’ awareness of environment. It also could be students’ knowledge when they graduate and return to their hometown. “Thus, students could learn and be more care about environment. When they graduate, they would have experience and knowledge of how to save their environment and preserve this earth,” he added.

Furthermore, the mangrove planting was participated by 50 participants comprising of UMY’s students, Community of Earth Hour Jogja, and KP2B (Baros’ Youth). In the mangrove planting, David Moo (a representative of US Embassy) together with participants come along planting the mangrove in Mouth-River Opak, Baros.

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