Combination of Science and Entertainment Will Amuse Spectators of KRI 2015

Indonesia Soccer Robot Contest (KRSBI) has its own enticement in Indonesian Robot Contest (KRI) being conducted at Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) on 11-14 June 2015. The spectator would be entertained by not only the robots’ performance in the field of 6×9 meters but also combination of science and entertainment.

The aforementioned paragraph was stated by Bella Novi, a coordinator of contest techniques, in an interview on Wednesday (10/6) at Sportorium of UMY. “A team has three robots that a robot acts as a goal keeper, and the others would pass the ball. It is the interesting part of KRSBI,” she told.

Bella continued that the spectators would recognize how Indonesian young scientists balance mechanical electronic in a shape and size of a robot. The mechanical electronic is an adequately difficult part since the scientists ought to be thorough to count the appropriate time to give command so that the robot could do the command when the ball passes.

Besides KRSBI, the other attractive contest is Indonesia ABU Robot Contest (KRAI). Both robot contests are regarding sport. The challenge is also dealing with counting proper distance for the robot to service the shuttlecock to the opponent. The Indonesia ABU (Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union) Robot Contest would exhibit robots for badminton contest.

On the other hand, Indonesia Art Robot Contest (KRSI) and Indonesia Fire Fighting Robot Contest (KKRPAI) are categorized as rolling and legged robot and using sensor. The KRSI raises a theme of ‘Bambangan Cakil’ which utilizes voice sensor to perform a dance, while KRPAI employs heat and color sensor like fire to carry out command.

Bella inserted that in D-1 of KRI all preparation of the venue has been 75% for four contest categories. “We just have to set the marks for each contest, then everything is ready,” Bella ended.

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