BRI Yogyakarta Invites Young Entrepreneurs of UMY to Cooperate with Vendors

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Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) Yogyakarta offered students of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) to cooperate with vendors of BRI. The cooperation would be in the form of mentoring and occasions for students who are interested in entrepreneurship to introduce their products to the vendors.

Chief of BRI Yogyakarta Muhammmad Ali said that UMY’s students were provided an opportunity to work in BRI since there would be a worker development forum organized by BRI twice a month. Students could join BRI at least acquainting them who BRI’s vendors are.

“It aims that students could recognize our vendors (BRI), and could learn from them. The vendors could know students’ products. Thus, one of the vendors could bring one of the young entrepreneurs of UMY and later they would get coaching and assistance in the process of production and marketing,” told Muhammad Ali on his remark in an Entrepreneur Expo of UMY’s Students 2015. The event took place on Friday (6/3) in Lapangan Bintang (an area) of UMY. It would be conducted till Saturday (7/3).

Ali stated that the introduction to the vendors would ease UMY’s students in the entrepreneurship. He argued that, once they get many orders, it may put students in difficult condition. “Therefore, there should be the ones who assist and provide coaching on how to confront the situation. It is also our follow-up of student program entrepreneurship. It is the cooperation between BRI and UMY in filling goods of promotion and production,” he conveyed.

Ali expected that UMY’s students could always be innovative to carry out business and create something different. “We hope that through recognizing vendors they would be able to compete with suppliers. If the cooperation succeeds, they would be greater in entrepreneurship and could be more independent. Hence, when students graduate from UMY, they could join BRI and have their own business,” he continued.

Additionally, Rector of UMY Prof. Dr. Bambang Cipto, M.A uttered students, particularly who are enthusiastic about entrepreneurship, would not assume that it was not having fun. When entrepreneur expo, students serve their products, but it was also over when the expo was done. They did not produce anymore. “Entrepreneur students should be smart. They have to be always innovative and coin something different. Hence, they would not only learn academic field but also take advantages of opportunities to create something distinctive,” he expressed.

Prof. Bambang advised students to think about how make other happy since they are young. “Do not expect to be served, moreover by people or parties who assisted us as BRI. However, you ought to keep in mind since you are young how to make others happy. You also have to be enthusiastic about serving other people. If it is possible, serve all people in this world. It is the key to be an entrepreneur,” he conveyed.

The Entrepreneur Expo was officially opened by Rector of UMY, and attended by Chief of BRI Yogyakarta and Chief of UMY’s 34th anniversary Dr. Rizal Yaya. The expo was one of the series of UMY’s 34th anniversary events and followed by 62 groups. They were the winners of students’ entrepreneurship program which is the cooperation between BRI and UMY, entrepreneurship delegates of departments at UMY, entrepreneurship delegates of student activity unit, and entrepreneurship delegates of private universities in Yogyakarta (represented by UAD). Entrepreneurship stands in this Entrepreneur Expo exhibited various student handicraft products as BryArt to design hats, jackets, bags, and key chains; Pantas Parca to produce female wallets and cosmetic bags from polymer waste or used banners; Erly and Aoi which are brands of night lamp and emotion doll made by Accounting students of UMY, and other innovative and handicraft products.

mahasiswa FPB
A students of Language Education Faculty (FPB) UMY coming from Turkey is looking at Entrepreneur Expo of UMY’s students 2015


kunjungan ke stand expo
Chief of BRI Yogyakarta Muhammad Ali visits stand of BryArt. BryArt’s products begins exporting abroad like Malaysia, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. The products are also distributed through Indonesia Student Association (Ikatan Pelajar Indonesia) in the countries. 

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