Bludeep: The First-Coming Team of KRI 2015

Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) is the host of Indonesian Robot Contest (KRI) 2015. Participants of the contest began coming to Yogyakarta, and Bluedeep from Budi Luhur University of Jakarta was the first-coming team to join the KRI being conducted 11-14 June 2015. “We arrived in Yogyakarta on Friday (5/6). We come earlier because we attempt to find out the condition of the contest,” told chief of the team, Muhammad Imam Faizal, in a telephone interview on Wednesday (10/6).

Blueedeep would join Indonesia ABU Robot Contest (KRAI). The team joined KRI twice, in 2013 and 2014. “This is for the third time we compete in KRI,” informed Imam. In KRI 2013 the team achieved the runner up, and achieved the second runner up in 2014 for the same category, KRAI.

Imam conveyed that the preparation of Bluedeep has been 95%. They have had intensive training to join the KRAI. “We have prepared well long time before coming to Yogyakarta. We are now just preparing our mental and physic to compete,” asserted Imam. In the preparation for KRI 2015, Bluedeep faced mechanical problems. They ought to prepare well so that the robot could service and smash as badminton players. By having good teamwork, the problem would be solved.

Bluedeep expected to be the winner of KRI 2015 so that the team could represent Indonesia in Asia-Pacific Broadcasters Union (ABU) Robocon which would be conducted at UMY as well on 23 August 2015. 20 teams from various countries would join in the international event.

Additionally, ABU Robocon is an international robot contest which was firstly organized in Tokyo in 2002, and Indonesia would be the host for the first time in this 2015. ABU Robocon 2015 conducted at UMY would raise a theme of ‘ROBOMINTON’ standing for Badminton Robot Games.

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