BK Teachers across Sidoarjo Visit UMY


Sidoarjo located in East Java is a city caring of education. This concern is supported by the emergence of Community of Guidance Counseling (BK) teachers in Sidoarjo. They focus not only on elementary school, junior high school, senior high school, but also higher education. Additionally, it emerges from several teachers of Public and Private High Schools who are willing to expand information of Higher Education in Indonesia to students of High Schools in Sidoarjo. They notice that graduates of private universities have huge occasions to compete with state universities in Indonesia. It is supported that students’ interest in registering in Medical Faculty is very high.

Providing the opportunity, the community of BK teachers across Sidoarjo visited Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) on Monday (23/2). “Our field trip aims at recognizing UMY closer, and we are glad of warm welcome. We would like to gain more information dealing with student admission so that we could tell our students how to enroll at UMY,” told Drs. Witjahyono from Public Senior High School 1 Sidoarjo.

Satisfying the BK teachers’ curiosity, Admission Bureau of UMY explained in detail how students could enroll at UMY. There are several considerations for students to choose universities. “The foremost consideration of students is the department accreditation, yet students sometimes overlook the significance of institution accreditation. Since 2012 there has been a grade of institution accreditation and all Higher Educations in Jogja have been accredited. However, there are only four universities accredited A, namely UGM, UMY, UII, and UIN Sunan Kalijaga, while UMY is still on the process of accreditation,” said Mawardi A. Md. as Head of Affairs PENMARU UMY.

Mawardi added that Departments of Medicine and Dentistry are the most favorite department of high school students. “It is espoused since UMY has Academic Hospital (RSA) which could be used by students to practice during their study. The role of this RSA is very essential to not only practicing but also determining accreditation,” he inserted.

Besides Department of Medicine and Dentistry, FKIK UMY has Nursing Sciences which also has high chance in workplace. “Learning system at this department is excellent because the course is always inserted by Islamic values like why heart circulates blood throughout the body. We would look at scientific side related to hadith. Graduates of Nursing Sciences of UMY could be not only a nurse but also a researcher of clinic servant,” stated Arif Wahyu Setyo Budi S. Kep. Ns., as a lecturer of Nursing Sciences of UMY.

Arif inserted that FKIK UMY has international program such as student exchange and international seminar. “For learning system of FKIK employs block system that there is no UAS and UTS. Students would accomplish block system for 6-7 weeks. If it is done, they will take the exam. Students would learn case simulation for the exam so that they are required to cope with a problem of the patient’s condition,” he conveyed.

Besides FKIK, Faculty of Education Language (FPB) becomes high school students’ interest. Even though it is still new, a lot of students have obtained international achievement. “FPB emerged because of the existence of English Education Department which included in FISIPOL. Nevertheless, it bore Arabic Education Department and Japanese Education Department, then FPB existed,” told Dedi Suryadi, S.Pd., Vice Dean of FPB UMY.

Dedi continued that Japanese Education Department has been established for 3 years. The Japanese Education Department is the first in Jogja, while Japanese program at UMG is literature and it is not education. “Our vision is to instill Islamic value at Japanese Education Department. For the educational system, FPB has implemented KBK so that students are not required UAS and UTS. Graduates of FPB would be not only an educator but also a researcher and translator. The achievement for these three years is that 6 students went to Japan to study culture for a month,” he continued.

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