Be Smart in Choosing University and Major!

Students of SMA As-Salam Solo when visiting UMY

It is not adequate to choose a university and a major as interest and skills, nowadays. There is another essential aspect which needs to concern with when one is willing to enroll at a university. That is an accreditation of the university and department, since it turns the main requirement of applying for jobs as yet.

The aforementioned statement was conveyed by Bachtiar Fwi Kurniawan, MPA, the head of admissions of UMY, to 150 students of SMA Pondok Pesantren As-Salam Solo when visiting UMY on Wednesday (5/11).

Bachtiar also stated that the educational quality of a university could be recognized by the achieved accreditation. “Thus, you have to seek an accredited university. It would be much better if the university has achieved A of accreditation. One of the private universities in Jogja which is accredited A is UMY,” said Bachtiar.

Likewise the department, Bachtiar added that the accreditation should be the benchmark. “If the accreditation is not good, you will not be able to apply for jobs. It is just the same as when you want to apply for CPNS, the accreditation of the department should be A or B minimum. If it is out of both accreditations, you will not be accepted,” told Bachtiar.

Besides, Mr. Susilanto Hadikartiko, a supervisor of SMA As-Salam Solo stated that their visit was with the purpose of finding out various aspects regarding the university like the departments, facilities, academic atmospheres, student activities, as well as scholarships provided by UMY.

He conveyed that the visit has been one of the school and Islamic boarding programs for six years. “We have visited several state and private universities in Java. We could go seeing two universities at once. It aimed at the students to find out the differences between state and private university. Moreover, it was meant to know the distinctions of undergraduate admissions,” he told.

After visiting UMY, the group would go to Bandung, to look round Bandung Institute of Technology (IT) and Padjajaran University (Unpad).

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