Being Concerned about Humanity Issues, MIHI UMY Organizes International COnference

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Globalization brings good and bad impacts on human life. The social life of humans, then, is not restricted in themselves but involves interaction with others.

Rapid development also has occurred to technology and industry. It makes competition among people tighter so that they live in significant differences. It also emerges gaps among them. Thus, developed community is getting advanced while underdeveloped community is getting left behind.

Being concerned about the circumstance, Master of International Relations (MIHI) of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) attempted to gain ideas from public, particularly youth, to confront the global and social issues. MIHI UMY organized an international conference entitled “International Student Conference on Humanity Issues (ISCOHI) 2015.

It was the first international conference and was conducted at Wednesday (3/6) at Mini Theater of Postgraduate Building of UMY. One of the committee Satrio Peringgo Sejati, S.IP., informed that the conference aimed at exploring and finding out analysis skills of the participants and presenters in the humanity issues.

“Moreover, it also points at sharing information and knowledge of humanity issues. As educated people, students are required to concern with humanity issues around them,” he conveyed in an interview at Public Relation Bureau of UMY on Sunday (15/6).

Satrio inserted that there were 7 countries participating in the ISCOHI, namely Indonesia, Rwanda, Thailand, Australia, Germany, and Turkmenistan. “The committee has received 43 abstracts and 21 full papers with 28 presenters,” he added.

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