Behaviors of Teachers Affects Students’ Development


A teacher possesses vital roles in student development. Being a teacher should not only be smart but also become a good role model. Thus, a teacher has to maintain his attitudes, behaviors, and words since these aspects will effect on the students’ behaviors.

In the 28th dissertation defense of doctoral degree of Islamic Educational Psychology on Saturday (23/7) at Graduate School of Unviersitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY), Idi Warsah, M.Pd.I presented his dissertation entitled ‘Rahmah-Based Education on Al-Qur’an’. He stated that a teacher tends to focus on students’ intellectual ability and to disregard other leaning aspects.

“Teachers have not acted as an educator and a learning partner yet.  In education, one of the essential factors to be a professional teacher is lifting care, responsibility, and affection to the students so that the learning process will be evocative. A teacher ought to comply with teacher standard competence as an educator,” Idi declared.

One of his dissertation references mentioned that a good teacher bring positive impacts on students’ development. “Students’ comfort and impression of teachers’ behaviors will motivate the students,” conveyed Idi who successfully passed with cumlaude.

He emphasized that teachers, in fact, hardly initiate to enhance their competence. It is the result of government policy trough teacher and lecturer certification program. “The certification fetters the teachers and lecturers to achieve the learning goals since they only attempt to comply with one of the certification requirements. The policy leads to teachers’ insincerity to contribute to educate the students and to create an impressive learning process,” he asserted.


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