BAIC-PPA UMY Conducted a Seminar of Social Enterprise-Based Community Empowerment


Villages are the central point of development in Indonesia. Post-endorsement of UU No. 6 year 2014 or well-known as the law of villages, the authority and budget of villages would increase. The increment should be followed by the management capacity improvement of programs and budget. Without the aspect, the initiative authority would not be granted.

It was stated by Branch Manager of PT Bank Syariah Mandiri, Sukma Priadi, as the speaker on the seminar of Social Enterprise-Based Community Empowerment organized by Business & Accounting Innovation Center (BAIC)-Pusat Pengembangan Ekonomi (PPA) or Economic Development Center of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) in Ruang Sidang (assembly hall) of AR. Fachruddin B, the 5th floor on Tuesday (4/11).

Sukma explained that reflecting on villages would grow the development central point of Indonesia so that each village needs assistants. The number of villages in Indonesia is currently accounted 70.000 villages. Preparing assistants for the huge numbers of villages, it is necessary to have alliances among universities, local government, and other relevant parties.

“We know that the existence of the law, villages automatically would be the development center of Indonesia. Thus, villages getting more than a billion of funds require assistants since 70.000 is the enormous number of villages to develop evenly. Alliances among universities, local government, and others could determine in succeeding this program,” he told.

In addition, Rudy Suryanto, S.E., M.Acc., Akt, as the second speaker, said that it was necessary to improve the capacity of society and the village organization. The increment of the authority and budget brought many benefits to the society. The capacity improvement should encompass strategic planning, budget management, and monitoring.

“The strategic planning of the village development should lead the development of independent villages in term of economics, politics, cultures, and mores. Therefore, it would be very valuable for the society the capacity enhancement of the society and village organization as well as the improvement of the village authority and budget established by the law. At least, the capacity improvement comprises strategic planning, budget management, and monitoring,” expounded Rudy who is the lecturer of accounting department, faculty of economics.

Besides the seminar, the organizers held a socialization of village ambassadors as the proof of their seriousness in giving consultation to the society in order to be able to take part and make the best use of the budgets disbursed to village development.

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