Azka and Agra Go to Semifinal Round

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Azka and Agra, robots made by students of University of Brawijaya (UB), joined Indonesia Art Robot Contest (KRSI) 2015 raising a theme of ‘Bambanggan Cakil’ from Central Java. The robots passed to semifinal conducted on Sunday (14/5) at Sportorium of Unviersitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY).

Azka and Agra were made by Septian Gusonela, Ronny Ari Setiawan, Rizki Firmansyah, and Surya Agung Kurnia. The team had achieved the runner up in the Regional IV and passed to national level to compete with 18 teams of KRSI 2015.

The characteristic of the KRSI robots is humanoid, having shape and characteristics as human. The robots should be able to dance and go the certain arena during the music played. In order that Azka and Agra had great dancing movement, the tem should predict each degree in hand-joint, head, neck, and stomach and put many motors on the joints. “Each robot has 130 motors with active system arranging parallel,” informed Septian.

The robot performance scoring was generally based on the beauty of dancing movement and robot stability. “It took 7 months to produce smooth movement and to learn from video how the movement of Bambangan Cakil,” he told.

Even though UB passed to semifinal round, Seption asserted that his team still confronted difficulty to stabilize the movement, moreover to make voice sensor focus. “In order that the robot could focus on a voice and is not bothered by other voices, we put voice in the sensor system so that we make tension and graphics so that the strange voices would be cut and set,” he conveyed.

Septian said that the name of Azka and Agra derived from Sansekerta and had been prepared a year ago. “Azka means change while Agra refers to daredevil,” he addressed.

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