Arum Anggraeni: Failure May Not Become Barriers


Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) has created excellent, Islamic, and skilled graduates. A lot of students successfully name UMY in academic and non-academic fields in both national and international level. It displays that UMY is a young and global university.

One of the students was a graduate of Law Faculty (FH) Arum Anggraeni Maulida, S.H. She got GPA of 3.97, the highest GPA of Law Faculty. She also had a lot of achievements during her study.

Arum gained a number of achievements as participating in national level of International Client Consultation in 2011 and 2012 at UGM, delegation of student exchange of AIKOL (Ahmad Ibrahim Kuliyah of Laws) representing FH UMY, a participation of summer school in 2012 in Utrech, the Netherlands, a awardee of Beasiswa Umum UMy on 2013, awardee of Beasiswa Berprestasi in 2013, the most outstanding student of FH batch 2012. Moreover, Arum also actively joined student organization as Chief of Student representative Board (DPM) KM-UMY 2014-2015, Chief of Woman Empowerment Commission of FH UMY 2013-2014, secretary of Muhammadiyah Student Association (IMM) of FH UMY 2013-2014, and treasurer of IMM UMY 2012-2013.

She confronted a lot of obstacles and failures. “To attain all of the achievement, I encountered many barriers from both inside and outside. For instance, the inside barrier was laziness and the outside barrier was getting lost in competitions or doing assignment that the result was not quite satisfying. All the failure might not hamper us to move forward. We have to believe that failure is the beginning of the success. Therefore, do not wait for something incredible to start, just start and you will be incredible,” she stated in an interview after graduation ceremony III on Thursday (16/6) at Sportorium of UMY.

As an alumnus of UMY, Arum invited all UMY’s students to love and be proud of their university, as well as attempt to name UMY wherever they are. “Keep sprit, enjoy your study, be diligent, persistent, and sincere. When we appreciate the process, we will enjoy the result. Do not dream of being the best, if you could not do small thing, and do not broke trust that you get,” asserted Arum, who dreams of being a diplomat.

Additionally, in the graduation, Arum graduated with the other 807 graduated of vocational, undergraduate, and postgraduate programs. A lot of students graduate and the job opportunities are getting harder. The ones who possess typical characteristics would succeed. “Be confident, attain achievement and success by our own ways. Join various valuable activities, find occasion for yourself. Enhance your skills since typical characteristics are necessary to compete,” she ended.

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