Arif Havas: Indonesia Could Be Better than Europe


Indonesia is geographically wider than the European Union, both have the same philosophy state, and diversity, democracy, and political situation are not too distinct. Indonesia, which is on the progress to be a developed country, would be able to contribute to cope with issues faced by some of the Europe Union countries. On the other words, Indonesia could be better than Europe.

The aforementioned paragraph was stated by the ambassador for the European Union, Belgium, and Luxemburg, Arif Havas Oegroseno, in a public lecture at Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY). The theme of the lecture was “Dynamics of Politic, Economy, and the relationship of inter-religion in the European Union: Experience for Indonesia”. It was attended by hundreds of students of International Relations and Law and took place in the meeting room of AR. Fachruddin B, Floor 5 UMY on Monday (24/11).

Arif explained the comparison and overview faced by some of the European Union countries, and the contribution of Indonesia to Europe. According to the data presented by Arif when delivering the public lecture, Indonesia was 5253 km wider than the European Union is only 4956 km. The diversity of beliefs and languages had similarity to Indonesia like Indonesia had 5 acknowledged religions and various cults developed in society, while the European Union was 20% of atheisms, 3 acknowledged religions, and there were many cults as well. Moreover, the philosophy of Indonesia was “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika”, whilst Europe was “United and Diversity”.

“In this occasion, I would like to tell the comparison and overview encountered by the European Union and our contribution to Europe. We notice that our area is 5253 km wider than the EU is 4956 km. Besides, the diversity of beliefs and languages we have is also encountered by the EU as we have 5 acknowledge religions and there are various cults developed in the society. So does Europe that has 20 of atheism, 3 religions, and a number of cults. We also have “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika”, the EU has United and Diversity, and other similarities,” conveyed the graduate of Harvard Law School.

Arif added that an essential aspect rarely raised by media in Indonesia was the corruption rate in Europe. Indonesia was often stuck in a stigma that Europe had lower corruption rate than Indonesia. He expounded that the data from Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) revealed that in 2006-2011 the loss of Indonesia was accounted up to 37 trillion rupiahs or equal to 2.2 million euros. If it was compared to the data released by the commission of the EU countries on the 7th of March 2014, the corruption in the EU was 122 million euros or equal to 2000 trillion rupiahs. It means that the number of loss encountered by the EU was 244 times more than Indonesia. The similarity was that 70% of the corruption was in the procurement for goods and services.

Additionally, Arif mentioned that the important matter was the role of Indonesia to change the stigma of the Europe union society toward their anti-Islam considering Muslims as the hard-line association in running the activities.

“Besides the contribution to provide solutions dealing with issues of politic, economy, and social, the main point is to alter the insight toward Islam in Indonesia, erase their stigma which Muslims are an extreme group in carrying out Islamic activities. It has been accomplished when giving seminars, lectures in scientific forums there, and many experts and lecturers from Indonesia are flight to be there to give lectures.”

Arif emphasized that Indonesia was not a much more underdeveloped country than the European Union countries. He explained that the condition of Indonesia was much better than the European Union condition today, in the context of the stability of politic, economy, security, and diversity tolerance such as languages and beliefs. Therefore, Arif accentuated that Indonesia could be better than the European Union countries. (Shidqi)

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