Alumni Are the Core of the University Development


National Congress (MUNAS) VI of Alumni Association of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (KAUMY) 2016 was conducted on 13-14 August 2016. The MUNAS was attended by 250 alumni. In the MUNAS on Saturday (13/8), Rector of UMY Prof. Bambang Cipto, M.A. delivered a remark stating that alumni are one of the bases for a university development.

KAUMY should be enhanced and maintained. The Alumni will support the university development so that public will admit the existence of UMY nationally and internationally.

“One of the foundations of UMY is KAUMY since UMY was nothing till UMY was well-known internationally. KAUMY is a forum to preserve good relationship among alumni so that they will always be solid,” Prof. Bambang uttered.

Secretary of Diktilitbang of Muhammadiyah, Dr. Muhammad Sayuti, conveyed that alumni are organization cadres and developers of university relations. The alumni will contribute to fostering ideas to develop the university.

“A lot of alumni possess strategic positions in organization. It will be valuable for UMY to gain networks of social aspects. KAUMY helps UMY to create relations and provide notions in Muhammadiyah,” Sayuti asserted.

Sayuti told that one of the universities in Australia conducted alumni award. Alumni obtaining incredible achievements will earn the reward. It was one of the ways to motivate the alumni to always possess achievements and one of the ways of the university to maintain the good relationship among alumni.

“I wish that UMY can imitate the Australian university to organize alumni award. If the alumni are developed, they will become organization cadres, coin relations, and assist the university development. Indeed, the alumni will contribute to Muhammadiyah such as providing notions for Muhammadiyah charity efforts,” he expected.


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