Academic Writing Needs Intensive Practice

Writing has become a necessity for many people, particularly academicians. However, academic writing is not easy for some of them. “Good academic writing needs great capability so that it should endlessly be trained,” declared Assoc. Prof. Dr. Halimah Abdul Manaf rom Universiti Utara Malaysia on Writing Clinic on ‘How to Publish Articles for International Journals,” on Saturday (4/11) at building of Kasman Singodimejdo of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY).

She stated that a crucial aspect of writing is on the abstract and introduction. “You have to create a fascinating introduction attracting readers. Write something different. Similarly, your abstract should be as interesting as possible,” suggested Halimah.

She conveyed that to commence writing is a quite hard work since some people say that their mood is an affecting factor. “A good mood is sometimes difficult to be created so that the first thing that we can do is growing a willingness and a good mood. For instance, you can write in a place having a beautiful view or quiet place,” recommended Halimah.

Indeed, she emphasized that an author may not stop writing if they have begun. “If you have already start writing, you have to accomplish it. When you get bored and want to have a holiday, it doesn’t matter. However, you have to keep writing because, if you quit writing, it will be hard to restart,” asserted Halimah.

She also advised the audiences to publish their writing in a higher level having long stages. Therefore, the authors can begin from a lower level so that they can motivate themselves to write better.

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