A Young Lecturer of UMY Achieves the Best Presentation Award in Thailand

A lecturer of Department of Civil Engineering of Universitas Muhammdaiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) Pinta Astuti, S.T., M.Eng. achieved the best presentation award at the 3rd Ianternational Symposium on Concrete and Structures for Next Generation at Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand whose participants were from Japan, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia and others.

Pinta told that she presented a paper entitled ‘Potential Development of Sacrificial Anode of Cathodic Protection Applied for Severely Damaged RC Beams Aged 44 Years’. She did not conduct the research alone, but she collaborated with a Japanese party. “The paper was published on Journal of Thailand Concrete Association. The paper was a part of my doctoral dissertation carried out at Kyushu University and I did the joint research with a Japanese construction company, P.S. Mitsubishi Construction, Co. Ltd.,” she informed on a press release on Tuesday (2/10).

The research was underlain by damage reinforced concrete structures in marine water effected by corrosion due to accumulation of chloride ions for decades. In her research, one of the technique to restore the 44-year concrete structures was applying zinc anode as the main material in a cathodic protection system or well-known as sacrificial anode cathodic protection that the zinc materials will sacrifice themselves by corroding to protect reinforcing iron from corrosion.

In conducting the research at Laboratory of Concrete Engineering, Pinta was supervised by Professor Hideori Hamada and Associate Professor Yasutaka Sagawa. Pinta gained a full scholarship from Japan International and Cooperation Agency (JICA) Project for AUN/SEED-Net for a PhD program in Japan JFY 2017 and has become a doctoral student at Department of Civil and Structural Engineering, Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan since October 2017.

The achievement could be obtained by Pinta, a lecturer of Department of Civil Engineering of UMY since 2015, due to her endeavor. Thus, she wished that all students could always possess vigor to reach their dreams. “Being persistent and not giving up are keys to achieve our dreams. That is my motivation, and I hope that all students can learn from my experience,” she maintained.

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