A Survey Team of IP UMY Criticizes the 100-Day Government of Jokowi-JK


It has been 100 days that the new government of Jokowi-JK leads Indonesia, and Jokowi-JK has displayed the performance for 100 days. The performance is supported by ministries showing their performance of each area. Nevertheless, the 100-day performance gets critics by society, still. Moreover, the way of ministries work in Jokowi-JK leadership is different from the previous administration. The critics would obviously diminish society’s reliance to the performance of Jokowi-JK and the ministries in the coming future.

“The critics are clearly noticed by press in media. Governmental Studies of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) also attempts to criticize the performance of Jokowi-JK advancing to 100 days after the inaguration,” explained Dr. Suranto when opening an event of “Critical Evaluation of the Performance of Jokowi-JK government (End Year Discussion)” on Monday (29/12) in Proposal Session Room of UMY.

Performance critics of the government of Jokowi-JK are also witnessed since executive and legislative torn to Koalisi Merah Putih (KMP) and Komisi Indonesia Hebat (KIH). Thus, in this study, lecturers of IP UMY conducted a research of society satisfaction in Yogyakarta, particularly in the field of sovereignty, economy, and education. To finding valid data, David  Effendi, S.IP., M.A., the speaker of the event, told that the research employed direct interview technique. “My reason of using this technique is in order that the data is valid because, if it is via telephone or short message, the findings could easily be manipulated,” he explained.

The findings revealed a quite insufficient good data, yet most societies of Yogyakarta consistently believed and encouraged the future performance of Jokowi-JK. In the sector of sovereignty regarding foreign ship combustion stealing in Indonesian ocean carried out by Ministry of Naval, Susi Pudhiastuti, it was accounted 61% expressing their agreement of this program.

On the other hand, Eko Purnomo, M.Si., Res., Ph.D., as the speaker, conveyed that the issue of ship explosion in Indonesia waters due to stealing fish has not been optimized yet. “Based on the information that I get from my friend in the water of Anabas, Indonesian fishermen using small boat are often chased by big Thailand ships employing Indonesian flag. It means that the support of security agency for them has not existed yet,” he expounded.

In the economic sector dealing with government policy to increase BBM cost, many societies were disappointed at the policy. “Regarding the increasing of BBM cost, many societies lost their conviction to the performance and program of Jokowi-JK. It is supported by the number accounted 38% stating their incredulity to the performance of Jokowi-JK. The increasing of BBM cost sounds sensitive for the society,” he explained.

In education sector, critic by critic is haunting the government of Jokowi-JK. Many parties of society disagreed with the change of curriculum. 42% agreed with the stop of curriculum 2013. “In education system, there are many aspects to improve. If it is compared to schools abroad, we are far from the perfection. There is not any category of favorite and not favorite schools,” expounded Eko Purnomo, M.Si., Res., Ph.D.

According to Dr.rer.pol Mada Sukmajati, S.IP., M.P.P. as the speaker, Jokowi-JK gave the first great impression to the society so that it was not surprising when many societies laid hope on and believed in the performance of Jokowi-JK. Moreover, the huge emerging beliefs were accounted 58% post the inauguration. However, as the time goes, a survey finding in November revealed 55%, so that it could be concluded that several citizens did not cherish their hope anymore to the performance of Jokowi-JK.

The disappointment of society emerged as the result of the government policy in increasing the price of subsidized BBM. There have been a lot of innovations by Jokowi-JK and the ministries. “But, if we criticize deeper, the innovations were carried out by the ministers of Jokowi, and they were not by the ministries of other parties,” she told. Noticing the findings of the research, it was less than two months and the satisfaction level of society had been 48.3% meaning that it decreased. Jokowi-JK needs work hard to repair like the increasing of MMB which had very significant impact to the decreasing of society satisfaction toward the performance of Jokowi-JK.

Nevertheless, Jokowi-JK and the ministries have already did well job for several months. “The effectiveness of the new government occasionally gets pressure from various parties, yet we have to admit that Jakowi-JK had done many considerations in deciding a policy. Furthermore, it is in line with the critics to Jokowi-JK and the ministries so that we have to encourage their policies,” she conveyed.

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