A Student of UMY Brings Two Clubs Competing at Liga 1

3 December 2018 was a historic day for PSS Sleman winning the Liga 2 Indonesia and deserving to compete in the highest league of Indonesian soccer competitions next season. Not only Sleman people but also members of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) were proud of the PSS Sleman, well-known as Laskar Sembada, since one of the players is a student of UMY, Rangga Muslim.

Rangga Muslim is a student at Department of Mechanical Engineering of Hizbul Wathan Soccer Association (PS HW) of UMY was his stepping stone of a soccer area in 2011. Now that Rangga and his team at the PS HW won Piala Walikota Divisi Utama in his first year, his carrier in soccer commenced. He joined Tunas Jogja, a participant at Division I of BLAI, and POMNAS (National Student Sports Competition) that finished at the second place after being defeated by a team from Jakarta.

Gaining a lot of achievements in student soccer competitions, Rangga was officially contracted to be a player of PSI Yogyakarta (Mataram Soccer Association) in 2014. After being a PSIM player for three year, he signed a new contract with Persebaya Surabaya in season 2017-2018. Rangga with his team at Persebaya Surabaya, well-known as Bajul Ijo, coached by Brasil Akfredo Vera showed his great performance and won Liga 2. Rangga, who was born in Bima, Nusa Tenggara Barat, decided to back to Yogyakarta and joined PSS Sleman. In a national soccer history, Rangga successfully brought his two soccer clubs winning Liga 2.

“I have passed long journeys from PS HW of UMY, PSIM, Persebaya Surabaya, to PSS Sleman. It is not easy to devote my time to studying and professionally playing the soccer. I have a soccer practice at morning and evening, and I have classes at afternoon. I also often request department parties when joining competitions,” told Rangga in an interview on Monday (17/12).

Despite being busy having exercises and joining soccer competitions, Rangga Musli m wished that he could accomplish his study in 2019. “Alhamdulillah, I have time to do both of my activities. If my study is done, I would like to focus on my carrier in soccer. I possess a contract with PSS Sleman till December 2018, and afterwards I am going to concentrate with my study,” he stated.

Meanwhile, a coach of PS HW of UMY Sadmoyo Budi Santoso suggested Rangga Muslim to finish his study so that he could focus on his career after his study. “Rangga is a role model for his juniors at PS HW of UMY. I am glad that he decided to move to PSS Sleman because it is near UMY so that he can accomplish his study all at once. I believe that he can freely play the soccer if he has finished his study. I advise that Rangga will remain modest, and I hope his carrier could always be successful, so could his study,” declared Sadmoyo.

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