A Student of FEB of UMY Gains the Second Runner Up at the 17th SECOND

An Economics student of Universitas Muhmmadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) Saykha Sabila Araz achieved the second runner up of an academic paper contest at the 17th Sharia Economics Days (SECOND). As an annual event organized by Faculty of Economics and Business FEB) of University of Indonesia (UI), it was conducted on Monday-Wednesday (11-14/2) at Auditorium of R. Soeria Atmadja of FEB of UI.

Having ‘Islamic finance and Economics Blueprint for Growth and Development: Shaping an Inclusive Future’ as the theme discussed issues of sharia bank resilience in Indonesian economy. “There were two competitions categories, namely academic paper and innovation paper. Since the theme was about Islamic Finance, I talked about sharia bank resilience toward crises in 1997/1998 and 2008,” told Saykha who was also associated in GESFID (Group of Economics Student for the Future of Indonesia Development).

She also presented a comparison with conventional bank resilience. “I will, later, study the comparison using an Early Warning System model in banking. Thus, various factors contributing to sharia bank resilience and other potentials can be found and used to overcome economic issues,” declared Saykha.

Besides, she expected that students of FEB of UMY could actively participate in economics competitions held by higher educational institutions and other institutions. “The competitions are a forum that students can contribute to encounter economic issues,” hoped Saykha.

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