A New Leader of BPH UMY

Position handover signing from Drs. H. Rosyad Sholeh to Ir. HM. Dasron Hamid, M.Sc

Daily Adviser Board (BPH) of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) has a new leader. A head of BPH was Drs. H. Rosyad Sholeh, and it is now substituted by Ir. HM. Dasron Hamid, M. Sc. Thus, it was accomplished the mandate of Drs. H. Rosyad as the head of BPH for almost 10 years, since 2004.

Rosyad delivered his remark in a handover ceremony of head of BPH on Wednesday evening (25/2) in Magister Building of UMY. He said that it was not easy to be a leader of a main unit controlling university. Moreover, it needed to devote much time and demanded the leader to realize university vision. A university leader was also required to manage and develop the university well.

“I thank to my fellows who trust me to govern UMY. It is not easy to oversee UMY. It could be noticed from 2004 to date that a lot of aspects have been performed for the development of UMY,” he conveyed.

Rosyad added that his last duty was assisting the establishment of magister building. “The construction has been run since April 2013 to date, and it becomes my own pride to undertake this duty as well as possible. It is not only I, myself, involving in the construction but also PT Mentari Prima Karsa (MPK) which is a business board of UMY,” he inserted.

According to Rosyad, the magister building is a path of UMY in developing building aspect. “We have to be grateful and proud of having this luxurious building. Moreover, it is carried out by PT. MPK which is a business board of UMY. It is evidence that we (UMY) could build this deluxe building. Hence, it is getting bigger the responsibility of Rector because of this establishment of this building that all academicians should maintain it well,” he uttered.

Several building constructions during the management of Drs. H. Rosyad were Mosque of Ahmad Dahlan, Sportorium, garage, parking area extension, and magister building. The establishments have belonged to units of UMY.

Meanwhile, a selected leader, Ir. HM. Dasron Hamid, M. Sc., asserted that the establishments were not easy for UMY since it needed years to construct them. Building Social and Political Faculty, UMY imposed developmental fee as sadaqah jariyah specified to construct the building of Social and Political Science Faculty (FISIPOL),” he told.

Dasron continued that the development was sustained until the magister building was made. “The establishment of twin building since 17 August 1995 spent 250 billion. It was with rupiah value at that time. If it is compared to nowadays rupiah value, the total for the establishment of UMY expended 1 trillion. 100 billion was considered the greatest amount of money to construct a building. Fortunately, many parties helped the construction, and lastly we consult to PT. MPK,” he expressed.

Therefore, according to Dasron, the building maintenance needed special attention since it was the enormous number of budget to develop UMY in the aspect of building. “We could not devote the huge budget for nothing. If we spend 1 trillion fruitlessly, we must suffer a vast financial lost. Alhamdulillah, we do not have any debt, or if we have, it has been paid off. Our homework right now is how we maintain this luxurious building. We need be grateful of the gift that Allah has given us,” he emphasized.

Dasron uttered that the development of UMY would be ongoing. Plans for expanding the construction has been carried out. “We have prepared land to enlarge the development. We would like to build Hospital for Children and Mothers, apartment, and a passage to Unires,” he conveyed.

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