A Lecturer of Department of English Language Education of UMY Promotes Eco-Print to People in Dlingo, Bantul

A lecturer of Department of English Language Education of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) Puthut Ardianto, M.Pd. conducted workshop on eco-print making to people in Dlingo, Bantul. Bringing a theme of ‘Project Create Women Entrepreneur Eco-Print Bateak’ and held on Saturday (16/3), the eco-print utilized plants to make patterns and colors.

As community service, Puthut invited an eco-print boutique owner in Yogyakarta, Lemospires, Herlina Kritanti at the workshop. “Even though our target is women, men in Dlingo are also enthusiastic. Indeed, I am delighted since the people are able to creating patterns from leaves for the eco-print in the second meeting of the workshop. I wish that the workshop benefits people of Dlingo and they can creates fabrics, bags, and veils,” told Puthut.

He informed that the workshop comprises of five meetings. “First, we introduce what eco-print is and an initial technique. Second, we talk about a pounding technique used to revise in the eco-print making. Third, we learn a craft technique. Fourth, we discuss needs for production. Last, we exhibit the results of the eco-print making,” added Puthut.

Furthermore, Herlina expressed, “Seeing the people’s enthusiasm, I hope that the people can make clothes, other crafts using few materials, and utilize materials as leaves to be valuable crafts.”

Some people may not be familiar with the eco-print technique. Besides employing leavers, the making is quite simple. “That’s why our target is rural community. We can get the materials easily, the technique is not complicated, and the making does not take long time. In clothing, the eco-print technique is included in a fabric coloring technique utilizing a natural materials as plants to transfer colors and patterns on a fabric,” explained Herlina.

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