A Lecturer and a Student of UMY Achieved Scholarship from Japan

Novia Rahmah (institution suit of UMY) and Thamita Islami Indraswari, S.S., M.Pd​, a student and a lecture of PBJ UMY who would join Teacher Training in Osaka, Japan.

A lecturer and a student of Japanese Education Department (PBJ), Faculty of Language Education, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY), Thamita Islami Indraswari, S.S., M.Pd. and Novia Rahmah achieved a scholarship from Japan. Both were chosen as participants of Teacher Training conducted by Japan Foundation. 30 other lecturers and students from Indonesia would join this program for 45 days from today, Monday (27/10), to the 11th of December 2014 in Osaka, Japan.

The Teacher Training Program was a scholarship program granted by Japan Foundation for lecturers and students of Japanese Education Department. On the other words, those who got the scholarship were the ones being educators and prospective educators, particularly in Japanese Education Departments. The scholarship of Teacher Training followed by the lecture and the student of UMY was for lecturers and students from ASEAN notions.

Thamita Islami Indraswati, S.S., M.Pd. stated that, before they were selected as the grantees, they had to write an essay regarding Japanese lesson which they would teach in schools or universities in Indonesia. On the essay, we explained what we have done as teachers, how the teaching methods were, and what to teach. We wrote the essay since it was the main requirement of this scholarship. Besides, it was absolutely noticed from the Japanese ability,” told the lecture of PBJ UMY in Public Relations and Protocols office on Monday (27/10).

Thamita added that for 45 days they would have training dealing with Japanese learning and teaching process. Students, she argued, would have many lecture activities and acknowledge Japanese culture. “While, we, as lecturers, would have trainings about teaching methods and curriculum as well as the Japanese materials,” she expounded.

She expected that the scholarship would be continuous and be available for the next years. She argued that it could enhance students’ knowledge, and it would be valuable for lecturers in providing good Japanese learning methods for their students.

Furthermore, Novia Rahmah, who would go to the Sakura nation for the first time, admitted that she was extremely pleased when knowing that she was selected and could study there. “I wish that the knowledge I gain would be beneficial for my friends here. I hope that I could share the knowledge,” uttered the student of PBJ 2012.

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