A Film of Ki Bagus Hadi Kusumo Should Exist


Ki Bagus Hadi Kusumo was named as a national hero of Republic of Indonesia. His role in constructing UUD 1945 and his struggle to uphold Islam during colonialism should be continued by next generation of this nation. His fight may be documented on writing but also on a film.

The aforementioned paragraph was uttered by Rector of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) Prof. Dr. Bambang Cipto in a Heroism Seminar of Ki Bagus Hadikusumo. The seminar was conducted on Wednesday (18/11) at meeting hall of Graduate School of UMY, floor 4. The speakers of the seminar were Vice Chancellor I of UMY as well as a grandson of Ki Bagus Hadikusumo Dr. Gunawan Budiyanto, Prof. Dr. Buya Syafi’i Ma’asrif, and Dr. Martino Sardi.

Prof. Bambang argued that publishing the struggles of Ki Bagus Hadi Kusumo on a book is less interesting since public interest in reading is now alleviating. “Thus, the fights are supposed to be documented in a film that may attract public interest in finding out deeper the figure and struggles of Ki Bagus. UMY is ready to support the film-making,” he expressed.

Besides, Prof. Buya Syafi’I Ma’arif contended that Ki Bagus Kusumo was a firm but flexible founding father of this nation. “I agree with Mr. Gunawan that behaviors of Ki Bagus were education of K.H. Ahmad Dahlan. If he was not educated by Ahmad Dahlan, he might only become a ‘kiai’.

According to Buya, Ki Bagus was a person having strong arguments. Muhammadiyah’s people are supposed to speak clearly, and possess tough as well as firm principles in expressing their arguments. The strong arguments should be supported by facts, rather than monopolize the truth. “A hadith mentions ‘Laa ikraaha fid diin’ meaning that there is no force in religion. Thus, when expressing arguments has to be based on the truth although other parties may refuse the arguments,” he elucidated.

Additionally, Dr. Martino Sardi was also astonished by the struggles of Ki Bagus Hadi Kusumo. Dr. Martino has been conducting research of Ki Bagus Hadi Kusumo and presented in various European countries since 1990. “I have been astounded by a national figure Ki Bagus Hadi Kusumo since 1990. His thoughts reflected sincere leaderships,” he expressed.

He asserted that the most fascinating thought of Ki Bagus Hadi Kusumo was that his faith of Allah affected on his entire thoughts, behaviors, persistent struggles for goodness, truth, and honesty, justice, wisdom, solidarity, dialog, and natural preservation. “I wrote struggles of Ki Bagus in Latin language in 1993, and it became hot discussion in Italia. The writing entitled ‘Vir Pacificus et Totus Islamicius’ meaning ‘Ki Bagus, a Truly Peace Muslim’,” he told.

Diplomatic Politics of Ki Bagus, according to Dr. Martino, were from his belief in Allah. Therefore, in diplomacy, Ki Bagus respected others since he believed that other people are the best creation of Allah. His diplomatic politics were shown in discussion, meeting of BPUPKI and PPKI, and his refusal toward Japanese colonials requiring students to believe God of Sun or ‘Amaterasu Omi Kami.

Dr. Martino inserted that his tough belief in God encouraged him to state that the faith is a fundamental life principle which other no one, even a ruler, may interfere. The faith is more than one’s self-esteem because Allah is God deciding this life. As the result, the Japanese ruler respected Ki Bagus’ eagerness. “Respecting other people will emerge incredible cooperation,” he ended.

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