A Diplomat Plays a Role of Sales


A diplomat possesses roles in a political field, representing her/his country overseas, and acting as sales for the country. For one reason, a diplomat is a spearhead to penetrate markets, invite foreigners, and promote investments. As stated by President Jokowi, economic diplomacy should obviously benefit people’s interests.

A tourism sector is firmly in line with people-centered economic development. Thus, a diplomat should be able to reflect her country circumstance. They have to tell the truth and give correct information instead of saying white lie that her country is safe.

The aforementioned statements were declared by Dr. Bambang Susanto, M.A., Secretary to the Head of Policy Analysis and Development Agency of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Indonesia, in a public lecture on ‘Promoting Foreign Policy for People’s Interest’ of International Relations Department of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) at Amphitheater of Graduate School of UMY on Thursday (6/10).

“Talking about diplomacy, there is a joke that a diplomat is the honest one to be placed aboard to lie. However, it is not true. A diplomat nowadays will impossibly lie because along with rapid growth of globalization people can know conditions of a country quickly,” he conveyed.

A diplomat is not only the ones who look tidy or officials but also our labors overseas. “They are ambassadors and devisen heroes because they also take roles in promoting strengths of Indonesia. Thus, they often perform Indonesian culture such as dances in events of General Consulate of Republic of Indonesia (KJRI),” he told.

Foreign Policy made by Ministry of Foreign Affairs includes all fields overseas so that what occurs in a country will affect its foreign policy. “Aspects of politics, economy, and culture should be recognized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs to be the bases of foreign policy,” Bamabng declared.

He contended foreign policy should stand up for people’s interests. “Indonesia has been confronting great problems.  Foreign policy should be lined up,” he said.

For instance, Bambang viewed that Africa is the future continent for Indonesia. “In market demands, Africa will be beneficial for Indonesia. There are Soekarno street in Maroko, ‘Soekarno’ mango in Egypt, and ‘Soekarno’ fish in Iraq. Indonesia possesses close history to Africa, but we have done nothing yet,” he criticized.


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