A Debate Team of UMY Wins at the Politics and Government Days 2017

A debate team of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) became the winner of a national debate competition of Politics and Government Days 2017 organized on October 2017 at University of Gadjah Mada. The debate focused on the theme of ‘Government Digitalization in Indonesia. The team was comprised of Yopi Irianto Panut (an International Relations student of batch 2013), Flory Rahmah Abiwawanti, (an International Relations student of batch 2014) and Afriza Sanjaya (a Governmental Department student of batch 2014).

The debate competition consisted several rounds from an essay elimination round to grand final round. “Only 16 teams passed to the final found, and UMY team was the only team from a private university. UMY team competed with University of Brawijaya, University of Sriwijaya, University of Airlangga, Institut Pemerintahan Dalam Negeri, University of Riau, Lampung State University, University of Hassanuddin, and University of Diponegoro,”mentioned Afriza.

“In the round of top 16 teams, the UMY team won over a team of Lampung State University A, University of Airlangga A, and University of Padjadjaran in three pre-elimination rounds. UMY led in the pre-elimination round,” said Afriza.

Another the team member Flory Rahmah Abiwawanti told how the team went to semifinal to grand final round.  “UMY defeated University of Bawijaya B in the quarter final and University of Airlangga B in the semifinal round. Indeed, all of the UMY debaters went to 10 best speakers,” stated Flory.

She also suggested to UMY students to often join debate competitions. “Even though UMY has not possessed an Indonesian debate club yet, there is a possibility to remain exploring ourselves,” expressed Flory.

Meanwhile, Rector for Student, Alumni, Muhammadiyah Movement Affairs Hilman Latief, Ph.D. stated that he was proud of the students. “I wish that students’ public communication skills can always be enhanced through a debate,” he declared.

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