A Cabinet Reshuffle Aims at the Development of Indonesia


Cabinet reshuffle in governmental system of Republic of Indonesia commonly ensues post reform. Jokowi’s cabinet has shifted several times and it is reasonable since the ministers’ performance may be unpleasant and they are President’s assistance. The other reason of cabinet reshuffle is lack of political support in the parliament. The statements were uttered by Eko Priyo Purnomo, M.Res., Ph.D., a governmental study expert of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) in a discussion on Wednesday (4/11) at Graduate School of UMY.

Eko elucidated that cabinet reshuffles, particularly in Jokowi’s cabinet, mostly considered ministers’ competences. When a minister is horrible at leading and making decision, a reshuffle is necessary. A minister must be professional and capable of the field. If a minister’s performance and leadership alleviate and are not in line with President’s vision and mission, she/must be changed.

Besides, political aspects influence a reshuffle of a minister. The absence of political support in parliament and another political party that will substitute the minister also become consideration of cabinet reshuffle. “If a minister’s performance is not adequately good, it does not take long consideration to conduct cabinet reshuffle. The policy of cabinet reshuffle by President aims at assisting to run government. Besides a minister’s competence, political support is also the other factor of cabinet reshuffle,” he informed.

To create good performance of cabinet, among ministers ought to coordinate one another. Noticing ministers’ performance of Kabinet Kerja (the Working Cabinet), coordination among ministers is not quite good at performing their duties. The ministers also have to make up vision and mission so-called nawacita (nine priority programs). “Good coordination among ministers to perform their duties is necessary to coin a united structure. Unifying vision and mission constructed by President should be carried out by the ministers. Up to now, the ministers’ performance is not in line with Jokowi’s mission in his nawacita,” Eko conveyed.

Eko advised that ministers are required to undertake their best performance because obvious performance and endeavor are necessary to improve the condition of Indonesia nowadays. For instance, Ministry of Forestry has engaged in haze in Indonesia, but the performance in dealing with the disaster seems slow and is not apparent in tackling. “Jokowi needs tangible performance and endeavor of ministers to mend Indonesia’s condition. It is not necessary for ministers to create images to raise public trust since what public needs right now is that real performance of ministers to develop and recover Indonesia’s condition,” he ended.

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