60 Students of Master of Nursing of UMY Perform a Clinical Practicum in Five Countries


Sixty students of Master of Nursing will perform a clinical practicum in five different countries. They are divided into five groups, namely 15 students at Guang Xi Medical University of People’s Republic of China, 20 students at Angeles University Cebu Normal University of the Philippines, and 5 students at Changhua Christian Hospital of Taiwan, 10 students at International Islamic University of Malaysia, and 10 students at Ubon Ratchathani University of Thailand.

In Pre-Departure of ‘International Experience Nursing Education and Medical Surgical Nursing Practice’ on Wednesday (5/10) at Amphitheater of Graduate School of UMY, Department Head of Master of Nursing, Fitri Arofiati, S.Kep., Ns., MAN., Ph.D. stated that the practicum is the sixth clinical practicum, and it is a continuous program of the previous program that Master of UMY sent the students to four distinctive countries.

Fitri informed that the program aims at enhancing students’ nursing skills. “The program has been written on curriculum since the department was established. We have been attempting to develop the program by conducting it in more than one country. Therefore, students can gain a lot of experiences abroad which may be valuable for their profession,” she told.

Indeed, the program exists due to globalization demand. “We have to be aware of globalization challenges. As mentioned in Al-Qur’an, Iqra’! It literally means ‘read’ which refers to ‘read for learning’. The idea underlies the program in order that we always learn, and obtain experiences in foreign countries,” she conveyed.

Furthermore, Rector of UMY, Prof. Dr. Bambang Cipto, M.A. appreciated the program. “This is a breakthrough of a program which has been carried out for six years. Master of Nursing is the only department requiring the students to have a practicum overseas,” he expressed.

He expected that students can spend their time studying well and they can share their knowledge and experiences when going back home. “During one-month practicum, I wish that you (students -ed.) can also learn culture of the country where you do the practicum. Have a safe flight, be responsible for your duties, and benefit others,” he ended.

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