59 Students of Master of Nursing Will Depart for 4 Countries


Student exchange of Master of Nursing of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) is new experience for the students. Student exchange of the program was conducted in a country only, yet this student exchange will be carried out in four countries namely China, Taiwan, Thailand, and the Philippines. “This will be new experience for 59 students who will depart the day after tomorrow. Before the departure, they have training of materials, foreign languages such as English and Mandarin, culture of each country for a month,” stated Yuni Permatasari Istanti, M.Kep., Sp.Kep.MB.,CWCS, Head of Master of Nursing of UMY on her remark in ‘Pre Departure Orientation of Block 5 of International Experience 05 Nursing Education and Medical Surgical Nursing Practice’ on Monday (5/10) at Amphitheater of Graduate School, Floor 4, UMY.

Yuni informed that the 59 students will be departed to 9 areas of those 4 countries namely Guangxi Medical University China, Guangxi Medical University Hospital China, Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Changhua Christian Hospital Taiwan, Ifugo State University Philippines, Ubon Rachathani University Thailand, Khon Kaen University Thailand, Khon Kaen Hospital Thailand, and Srinagarind Hospital Thailand. “The students will be divided into two groups. 24 students will learn how to write nursing education curriculum in several schools while 35 students will learn surgery in hospitals of the countries,” she conveyed.

The student exchange participants are required to master six competencies. “They have to be able to be a provider, manager, researcher, teacher, leader, and consultant. First, students should be able to design innovative programs of nursing and apply principles of ethics and law in taking care of patients. Second, students ought to be able to understand as well as implement health management concept, and manage medical surgery of inpatients,” Yuni elucidated.

Forth, Yuni continued, students should be able to educate in their environment and care services. Fifth, students have to able to comprehend as well as apply the concept of leadership to make decision of nursing education system professionally, and collaborate with other professional nurses. “Sixth, students should be able to become a consultant in coping with issues and making decision of education and service,” she inserted.

Furthermore, Director of Graduate School of UMY Dr. Ahmad Nurmandi added that it is a month program so that the participants were provided by training before the departure. “Since it is not a day or three-day program, the participants should be prepared well for their language and materials. Moreover, they should also be reminded to be more cautious about saving their citizenship documents. They may not lose their passport because it will cause troublesome. Acquainting culture of each country is also essential since they will act as participants so that they have to respect the culture of the country they visit. For instance, when they have surgery that the process may be similar but their performance may be different from our performance,” he asserted.

He inserted that the students should be able to take a lot of occasions during their study. “I wish that the students can have more data to conduct their dissertation. For example, they can write their dissertation dealing with comparing issues in Indonesia and a country they visit. If it is published, the data will be very rich and UMY can be a reference for other universities in writing dissertation,” he affirmed.

He also expressed that Master of Nursing is unique since there are only few universities having Master of Nursing. “Thus, the uniqueness should be utilized well. In academic field, the experience will be beneficial to broaden links with other countries. Creating networking will indirectly coin tough cooperation. It will also extend knowledge gained from other countries. Nevertheless, it should be noted that creating good networking have to be carried out well so that other countries will also respect us,” he ended.

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