5,000 Freshmen of UMY Choreograph a Muhammadiyah Logo

5,000 freshmen of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) assembled at Lapangan Bintang on Saturday (19/8). They came and began to do choreography since 5.30 a.m. Guided by Student Executive Board (BEM U) and Drum Corps (DC) of UMY, the students moved around to create a Muhammdiyah logo.

The choreography making has been conducted since 2014 that BEM U and Public Relations and Protocol Office (BHP) of UMY collaborated as a documentation team. “It was firstly organized in 2014. We made a UMY symbol. In 2016, we coined a choreography showing nine faculty logos. This year, we will create a Muhammadiyah logo,” told Erwan Sudiwijaya, S.Sos., MBA, chief of the documentation team.

To have a good result of the choreography, the team has had preparation for several weeks. “The 5,000 students were divided into two groups. 2,200 students were handled by DC of UMY to do the choreography at Lapangan Bintang, while the other 2,800 students were managed by BEM U to create a red and white formation. The collaboration with DC of UMY was great so that the choreography can be carried our orderly. BEM U was also spry to arrange and anticipate students’ movement,” stated Erwan.

He conveyed that making choreography with the huge number of students was challenging. “The documentation team had to record the choreography well since the result will be used as branding of UMY. Besides, it aimed to make students of batch 2017 proud of contributing to the choreography making,” said Erwan.

He also mentioned that students possess high enthusiasm for participating in the choreography making. “Since morning the students show a loud yell in a soccer field of UMY. Indeed, there was a disabled student of Faculty of Economics and Business joining the choreography. Alhamdulillah, this choreography succeeded,” expressed Erwan.

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