2 UMY Lecturers Spread Information regarding COVID-19 Mitigation to the Community

During this Covid-19 pandemic, people are required to pay attention to additional health protocols to prevent the spread of the virus. Unfortunately, not all Indonesians are willing to implement this protocol. Therefore, two UMY lecturers decided to organize a COVID-19 mitigation movement in the community, specifically in the Banyuraden hamlet, Gamping, Sleman. This movement is headed by Ir. Mandiyo Priyo, MT from the UMY Professional Engineer Program (PPI) study program, with the help of Restu Faizah, ST., MT, from the UMY Civil Engineering Study Program FT.

According to Mandiyo, this activity was a form of lecturer participation in the community caused by their concern over the COVID-19 disaster. “Our mitigation movement includes several activities, namely the distribution of free masks and hand sanitizers as well as briefing the public about health protocols during the pandemic by presenting resources from an expert, Ridhaningsih, S.KM, a member of the Gamping 2 Public Health Center COVID-19 Task Force Team,” he said.

During this activity, participants were reminded to remain consistent with the implementation of health protocols during the COVID-19 pandemic, wherever they are. This includes the habit of washing your hands after you go out, handling items that are held by other people, and when you want to eat. It is also advisable to carry a hand sanitizer and to always wear a mask when outdoors. Ridhaningsih also showed how to wear masks and how to wash hands properly. In addition, the public is reminded that the COVID-19 virus can be prevented by increasing the body’s immunity, namely by the community movement for healthy living (GERMAS). “There are 7 steps of GERMAS, namely doing physical activity, eating fruits and vegetables, not smoking, not consuming alcoholic drinks, doing periodic health checks, maintaining environmental cleanliness, and using a latrine,” said Ridha. The activity ended with the distribution of prizes in the form of several packages of hand soap and hand sanitizer spray.

The activity which was carried out on Sunday (2/8) was attended by 30 people while following the requirements set by the government regarding social distancing and implementing health protocols. Partners in this activity were Women of the RT 05 RW 08 Banyuraden Gamping Sleman led by Tri Umarah. Meanwhile, the head of RT 05 RW 08 Banyuraden, Budi Kahono, welcomed the activity carried out by this UMY lecturer. “We would like to thank Universitas Yogyakarta Muhammadiyah for supporting this very useful activity,” he said.

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