Works of UMY’s Communication Science Students Dominate IMPACT 2016 in Malaysia

Communication Sciences (IK) of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) sent four social service advertisement videos, three short film titles, and five delegates to compete in Immersion Project Appreciation, Tribute (IMPACT) 2016, a competition for communication students conducted by School of Communication , University Sains Malaysiaan (USM) on 8-10 December 2016 in Gelugor, Penang, Malaysia.

Three of the four advertisement videos entitled “Fight for Nothing”, “Tarung”, and “Hajar” as well as one of the short films entitled “For the Sun” were nominated in IMPACT 2016. Besides, the competition comprised two categories, namely individual category and group category. For the individual category, IK of UMY was represented by Qholia Yuni Faradilla in Public Speaking, Agus Abdul Qadir DJ in Photography, and HananSitu Noor Rachmati in Feature Writing. For group category, Nyoman Kurnia Widiasih representing OtakAtikOtak Advertising Club (KBBI OAO) competed in Advertising Video, and Iqbal Ariefurrahman representing Cinema Komunikasi of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (CIKO of UMY) participated in Short Film.

“This is the first international competition joined by IK of UMY. I think that this is a great stepping stone, and Alhamdulillah we were appreciated in the competition,” told Dr. Taufiqurrahman, S.IP., M.A., Ph.D. as a delegate coordinator of IK of UMY for IMPACT 2016. He also stated that the participation denoted reinforcement of strategic plan of UMY’s and IK’s internationalization. “IK of UMY has been acknowledged in domestic areas, and the competitiveness should be enhanced in international levels. ASEAN level can be the stepping stone,” he asserted.

Indeed, the competition was joined by more than fifty communication students from eight universities of Malaysia and Indonesia. In line with the theme of IMPACT 2016, ‘Igniting Connectivity’, UMY’s delegates also utilized the moment to maintain cooperation with School of Communication of USM. “A three-day visit encompassed study tour to communication laboratory of USM, discussion to conduct student/lecturer exchange, and a plan to organize a similar competition to IMPACT 2016 with increasing the scopes of participants in ASEAN countries through Communication Awards of UMY which has been held for 11 years,” he stated.

Additionally, in IMPACT 2016, a short film by CIKO of UMY entitled ‘For the Sun’ became the runner up of Short Video Competition, and ‘Hajar’ by KBBI OAO also finished the 2nd place of Video Advertising Competition. Iqbal Ariefurrahman, a director of ‘For the Sun’ emphasized that the international award showed that IK of UMY is more than a champion. “This award will be the benchmark for me and my friends to always work. However, the important aspect is that we enjoy the process, the reward is a bonus,” he asserted.


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