Warung Prancis of UMY Promotes Tolerance through French Sweet Cuisine

Warung Prancis of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) conducted a cross-cultural discussion in a different way by telling myths in Indonesia and France and a French cuisine cooking lesson on Wednesday (27/2). Called La Chandeleur, the event serves a theme of Crêpe et Superstitieux.

The La Chandeleur was an annual event held by Warung Prancis of UMY. The event attracted students from UMY and other universities as Universitas Islam Negeri (UIN) Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta and Universitas Kristen Setya Wacana (UKSW) Salatiga.

Director of Warung Prancis Puthut Ardianto, M.Pd. explained that the event aimed to introduce cultural diversity in both Indonesia and France through an interesting way. He added, “Both Indonesia and France have diverse cultures. We hope that students will gain new knowledge. The event simply tells that we must not think our culture as the superior one so that we can respect other cultures.”

Furthermore, participants had an opportunity to cook and taste Crepes. A crepe is a traditional French cuisine, similar to pancake, and made from wheat. It is one of the favorable cuisines in Europe and other places in the world. The crepe is composed by wheat, eggs, milk, butter, and salt. This food is originally from Bretagne, a region in western France. People in Bretagne refer Crepe as Kramphouezh.

Additionally, Puthut informed that the event, despite discussing myths, was purely intended to introduce cultural diversity across the world, and it was nothing to do with someone’s beliefs. “We consider the participants, who are mostly millennials. We initiate a fun method to learn the myth so that the participants will not get bored. We would not turn the myths into a belied, but the myth discussion is only for knowledge,” emphasized Puthut.

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